Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Dear Fall, I love you.

I love fall. With a passion. The cool weather that allows you to break out your scarves and jackets. The changing colors that make the mountains look like they are on fire. The smell of leaves. I love it all.

Today was a perfect. My morning class was canceled so I wasn't rushed to class. I had time to just enjoy the walk to school. I studied for a test in a room where the sun was actually shining, unlike the cave that is known as the second floor of the library. I then made my way over to the Marriott Center for the weekly Tuesday devotional where I rediscovered my love of people watching. Walking in front of me was a couple who were kicking the leaves as they walked through. Closer to the building a mom played with her two little kids in the leaves. It was perfect. She was throwing the leaves in the air while the two little girls laughed. It brought be back to the days or racking leaves just to jump in the massive piles.

I then got to spend a wonderful hour with the lovely Calianne Jex who seems to be almost impossible to see. I love that girl. Morale of the story. It was a winner of a day.