Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Perfect Saturday

There are some days in life that just seem perfect. You are the perfect amount of busy while not being stressed, the weather is perfect, you have perfect company, and are doing the perfect things.

Today was one of those days.

It started with a Ju Jit Tsu Tournament that Jackson was competing in. I was super excited until I realized I didn't want to see my boyfriend get beaten up, or beat someone up. He did great though and one the first match. One of the reasons I love him- he was friendly and talking to the guy he was fighting during the fight. He is a gem. His friend Burke won the division they were in. It was great to be there and cheer.

Then it was home to quickly get ready, make a picnic, and head up to Salt Lake City to see the Odd Couple. A coworker had given us the tickets because I covered him one morning. They were great seats and it was fun to get out of Provo. We both secretly said that we liked University of Utah's campus (but we still have loyalties to BYU). The play was great and funny- and we both felt extremely cultured. It took me back to my days in London, however, my ability to analyze theater has significantly decreased.

waiting for "The Odd Couple" to start
Afterwards we laid on the grass soaking in the beautiful day talking about anything and everything. It was a perfect moment.

It was then home to get ready to go on a group date with some of our favorite people. My friend from London was going on a date with Jackson's roommate, Lacey and Jake came, and Mike took a girl we had met laser tagging. We went to Zupas for dinner and then up the canyon for a bon fire. Jackson told me ghost stories about the "trappers" who had worked up there, and we laughed a lot. We cuddled up by the bon fire, looked at the stars, told stories, and watched the first dates happening around us.

The day ended perfectly, which is to be expected on a perfect day.