Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ice cream adventures.

school this week is awful. well not awful, but not fun. two tests. two papers. plus things every night, and 20 hours of work. It doesnt help that I am the queen of procrastination, and that I like to play way too much.

meet yesterday. work. class. work. class. study. test. dinner. FHE. study. with no breaks in between. It made for a very burnt out Ellie, especially with the knowledge that the rest of the week was going to be very similar. For the first time this semester I decided I wasnt going to go to the Marriott Center for the forum, but would stay and study. I made a critical mistake in telling Megan she should stay with me. Why was this mistake critical? It all started last night when on my second round of studying, this time with Lauren for Church History, when Megan texted me to go get ice cream. Being burnt out and not wanting to study I wished with all my heart I could go, but sadly I declined. Fast forward to studying now. We both just wanted the ice cream we had not gotten the night before. So we grabbed out ID cards, and Jesse, who we had now convinced to stay, and headed down to the vending machines.

Creamery ice cream sold in a vending machine. genius. i went for the cookies and cream, she went for the roasted almond fudge. i swiped my card. punched in the number. pause. and the wheel started spinning, but not only the wheel for my ice cream but another one. i felt like i had won the lottery. I giggled like a little girl as i watched both treats fall to the ground. Megan swiped her card. punched in the number. pause. and the wheel started spinning, but no one the wheel for HER ice cream, but one for a hot pocket. I lost it. I felt like a little kid at christmas I was so excited. The hot pocket got stuck and Jesse and I used teamwork to shake it free. Moral of the story- we made out like bandits.

The rest of the hour was spent eating out ice cream- Jesse ate the other ice cream and hot pocket as well as our left overs, and telling stories. A perfect break from life.

Also i was actually able to make a difference in someone's life today at work. Joshua, thank you for serving a mission, and you are welcome for getting you into BYU. Also Katherine, thank you for being my favorite processor and making me laugh.

Today was a good day. so far.

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