Friday, November 4, 2011

mind over matter

our minds are amazing things. but for real. i have found that running is more a mental game for me then seeing what my body can do. If i am bored i can barely run 2 miles- and the whole time I am thinking about getting back home. if I have a lot on my mind I can run forever. If the weather is pretty, or im engrossed in a conversation with a friend 2 miles flies by and on to 4 or 6.

yesterday at the gym I was dying five minutes in. I didnt want to be there, the elliptical wasnt holding the same allure and the movie was the same as the day before. "mind over matter. mind over matter." kept running through my head. As I pushed through I found myself with more and more motivation to keep going. I conqured, and it felt amazing.

but the mind over matter applies to more than just physical exercise. we have agency in all aspect of our life and I love that. we can choose how we act and react. I must say that there are times i react in situations, I say things I dont mean because I am hurt. It is not the easiest to take control away from your emotions and let your mind take control- and also it is not always bad to let your emotions help make decisions. but the mind is much more rational. truth. the end of my random musings.

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  1. P.S. I love this post, and I love your blog. You are so fantastic, Ellie Hall. :)