Friday, August 24, 2012

so blessed.

At the beginning of the Summer Kayla, Jenna, and I started a "Tender Mercies" Journal. We were inspired by Elder Eyring's words:

We had been seeing tender mercies left and right, and didn't want to forget them. Plus it would be a way to remember our summers in a different light.

I am so amazed at the number of blessings and tender mercies in my life. This summer I had experience after experience that testified to me that my Heavenly Father was aware of me and cared, even about the little things.

The day I left for efy I was exhausted. I had gotten 4 hours of sleep, with a week of restlessness before, and had a middle seat on the plane. Meaning I would be a bobbing mess the whole flight. (i am a head bobber. it is bad!) we are sitting there before the plane takes off and the people on either side of me are talking. they were friends. when the one sitting in the window seat asked if I would like to trade them seats. It was a miracle. I was able to rest my head against the plane and was out like a light the whole way to Minnesota. We then got a free upgrade on our rental car which allowed us to have cruise control for the whole summer- which when you have 9 road trips makes a huge difference. When we got to the university we parked outside the dorms and went on a campus tour with our contact. we came out later to see a parking ticket on out car. Not a minute after we looked at the ticket, the officer who wrote it came by. He talked to us for a moment. We told him we weren't aware we couldn't park there and that we were with efy. He told us how, while he doesn't agree with all our beliefs, efy was the best camp they have all summer, and he loves us. At which point he tore up the ticket.

that was just one day. the whole summer was like that. correction. My whole life IS like that. At times I feel like it's not fair. Why am I so blessed?

I have an amazing family. Not only do we love each other, but they are the funniest and so great to be around. I have a job, and a good job. I have amazing friends and people in my life that make me want to be better because of their examples. I have a body that works. i am SO BLESSED, and so grateful for a Heavenly Father who loves me and cares about the small things in my life.

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