Thursday, April 11, 2013


patience. of all the virtues I long to have but fall so very short, this one takes the cake.

i remember being young and my mother trying to teach me delayed gratification, but I am almost positive that if they did the marshmallow experiment with my I would gobble it up within 3 seconds of the observer leaving.

being done with school. finding out about seminary. having time... everything in my life is requiring patience. and it is the hardest.

"patience is staying with something until the end." -Elder Uchtdorf

Over the last two weeks all I have wanted is to quit school. There was so much to do with not enough time. I am pretty sure Jackson has heard me ask him if I could quit school a thousand times. He won't let me (the little punk).

We are taught to have joy in the journey time and time again. Yet, why when school is staring you straight in the eye, with all other stressors trying to crowd their way in is it so hard to remember. I get stressed. shut down. want to cry. complete  the project. look back. and suddenly all of my stress seems so dumb and unwarranted. The problem is keeping that end perspective before you know how it will turn out. Trusting in the Lord is what it all comes down to. However things turn out trusting that it will be what is best, and that you can do all things with his help.

so I will attempt to patiently wait, while I continue to move forward, for he is my savior of good things to come.

ps meet the to-do list that I wrote last week. enter stress. meet crossing things off. enter feeling of accomplishment.

  • positive living paper (3-4 pages)
  • interview presentation
  • watch yours, mine, and our. write 6 page paper analyzing.
  • watch father of the bride. write 2 page paper analyzing.
  • major application #3 (5-6 pages)
  • FLE portfolio (final product 40 pages)
  • FLE presentation
  • FLE extra credit paper (1-2 pages)
  • Teach Seminary x3
  • Developmental Theory Midterm
  • Developmental Theory Journal (1 page)
  • Systems Midterm
  • Systems Theory Journal (1 page)
  • willpower chapter 8 quiz
  • willpower chapter 9 quiz
  • willpower chapter 10 quiz
  • willpower conclusion quiz
  • follow up survey for positive living
  • course evaluations
  • final project presentation
  • final project write-up
  • relationship homework
  • email professor about missing class because of teaching, report points

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