Tuesday, April 16, 2013

pizza bagel

funny story: It's Tuesday. happy devotional day. Jackson meets me in the ASB and we are about to head over to the Marriot Center. Jackson was in need of a snack so we made a pit stop at the vending machine. There was a pizza bagel stuck. We (by we I mean I) thought it would be a genius idea for Jackson to get a pizza bagel so we could get two for the price of one. economical. and exciting. So he inserts the money presses A4, the metal rings move, the bagel is about to fall, and then it stops. Two stuck bagels and 1.25 poorer. So what do you do? You get another pizza bagel in hopes of it getting the other one to fall which will cause the stuck one to fall so you get two for the price of two. (Once again this is all my doing, but Jackson is the greatest and goes along) Another 1.25 in the vending machine. The metal rings start to spin, the one bagel falls leaving another one stuck behind it. The bagel falls the two feet to where the original stuck bagel waits, it hits, and stops... both bagels are now stuck. I die. laughing that is. No bagels. 2.50 out. Current number of stuck bagels... 3. So what do you do? turn to brunt force- with a little bit of shimming of the machine we were able to get one bagel for Jackson. The best part: Jackson didn't even really care about having a pizza bagel.

ps Happy Birthday Catherine Daines Hall

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