Monday, March 7, 2011

EFY anxiety much?

It has started. The EFY dreams. I remember waking up all throughout the night thinking that a meeting was going on in my room and being very worried that I was missing something, and the fact that there were boys in my room and i was wearing too short of shorts. I wish I could say this was a one time occurrence, but unfortunately it was very VERY repetitive. 

Recently- I have had some slight anxiety about this summer. One fact being that I get back from London on the 10th and I'm technically supposed to be in Minnesota on the 9th, and also the fact that I have no idea what im doing. Not a clue. No worries, I am still excited- and will learn what im doing at training on friday and saturday- 

Side note: saturday is the death of me- rex lee run, dancesport, mountain west tournament, bridal shower, seminar...will i go to any? no. i have training. (while i could miss part of it, that whole having no clue what im doing thing makes it very appealing not to miss any part)

So what is the point of all this random rambling? The best dream ever. or worst. one of the two. It was thursday night. I went to sleep. It was grand. Oh hello efy world, its been awhile. So there I am at a variety show and I feel as though i had taken the place of a much more competent ellie. You know when you realize you know nothing but everyone thinks you know what is going on. So instead of figuring out my BC duties I instead sat down by a participant and made them my instant friend. So there I am cheering for the variety show- all the other BC's are not very happy with me- when suddenly three boys on stage are missing shirts. soo not allowed at efy. how does ellie solve the problem.

another side note is needed: at efy you cant have holes in your jeans. so we have duct tape to cover said holes. its great.

so how i solved the problem. i used duct tape. Yep i duct taped the boys until they were modest. good call ellie, good call. lets just hope i get my problem solving skills in check before june.

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