Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Skiing- two "i"s two times

Skiing with the family circa 1994

I wouldn't consider myself an avid skiier by any means, even though I learned how to ski at the young age of four. I still remember wearing a harness so my dad could make sure I didn't run into a tree. The day I graduated from that thing was a glorious day! Unfortunately I have yet to perfect my form and or skill because it a very expensive hobby to have. But i have a very VERY loving father who takes me skiing when he is in town. Hello monday. We relived the glory days. In the morning it was just Bill and I, which was so wonderful. The ski lift is a perfect place for story time and heart to hearts. And the mountain is a perfect place to ski your pops to the ground. Minus the fact that he is the most amazing skiier I have ever seen. Seriously, his form. sickening.

Side note. but on topic. Saturday i went on a run. makes sense if you are training for a marathon. but unfortunately i have been slacking majorly in running. time just gets filled so quickly that running has to take a backseat. but saturday morning was dedicated to running. I woke up bright and early, got on my running garb, laced up my shoes, opened the front door...and hello snow! but did it stop me, no sir. I was meeting Kelsey to run, and I wasnt about to bail. So off i went into the snow and slush i went. Kelsey and I had a lovely run avoiding puddles and talking (thats the best part of running- with people- you have someone to talk to) and five miles later we were back at her apartment. But i was in the groove. I find the first 3 are the worst, but once you pass that you can go forever. So i kept going. and going. and going. until my feet were so wet that i could hear the sloshing in my shoes. GROSS. so I came home. The final mileage. 10.5. i only have to do that approximately 2.6 more times and im at a marathon.


Example of the awful slush- look at how disgusting. no bueno.

Now how does this have to relate to skiing at all you ask. Well I luckily wasnt sore saturday or sunday. or even on monday. Until i was skiing down the hill. holy moly. no bueno. but it wasnt awful, and was still a wonderful day of skiing with the pops. Oh yes and then we went back that night. two times. one day. wondrous.

embarrassing moment. we get to the ski hill and i go to put on my snow pants. oh no worries i left them home. who forgets their snow pants skiing. thats right folks. miss ellie hall.

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