Tuesday, March 15, 2011

This Crazy Little Thing Called....Life

I am amazed at how busy life can get. Its kind of ridiculous when you realize on a Wednesday that you have no free time until the next Monday. Don't get me wrong I love staying busy and having things to do, but a girl needs a break. A break that her body forces her to take by feeling sick. Dumb stomach. So after a night filled of homework and a morning filled with presentations- my stomach rejected me. Luckily work is slow and so it was okay for me to take the day off. So I am home. Soon to be sleeping and trying to get my body to forgive me.

As I was walking home I realized I am very irrational when I feel sick. Aka when at the top of stairs and not wanting to have to walk down them I considered the option of just falling down them, thinking that it would be a lot faster than walking. Dont worry I realized the severe pain it would cause, and that walking down them wouldn't take that long. Second irrational thought. I was walking past an open roofed jeep and had the urge to hid everything in their car. Who does that? Don't worry my mischievous nature was subdued by my morals and the fact that I just wanted to get home.

Moral of the story. Ellie is ridiculous when she feels sick. Beware.

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