Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Breathe. Let go.And remind yourself that this very moment is the only one you know you have for sure.
Oprah Winfrey

there are moments in time where everything just seems to be perfect. laughing with friends. driving through a canyon with the windows down. hearing the birds chirp in the morning, an early morning run with the sun rising by the river, or walking outside and just smelling the flowers.

today as I walked out of the ASB for my lunch break, I was overcome by the perfectness of the world. It was a perfect temperature, with a slight breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. It was breath taking. but then I smelled the flowers and all i wanted to do was stop and just breathe. I wanted to save that moment for forever. The feeling of leaving work, the warm sun, the flowers, seeing people reading, talking, or just sitting. I loved it.

I quickly went and grabbed something to eat (i wasn't planning on staying all day, but someone got sick), and made my way out  to a bench to read my book. The hour seemed to fly by- but as I walked back into the ASB i took one last moment to just breathe.

side note.

work today was the best thing of my life. why? the first part was spent on (the only website we are allowed to browse)  studying conference talks...amazing. then we had story time, and i heard the end of the entire "Rachel and Andy Sessions" love story. we played scattegories. laughed. took pictures. oh life. how i love thee.

i have the bestest friends and we play lots and lots, and i love every second of it.


going up to Lindon and playing on the trampoline at Ammon's house, followed by the Cinnamon challenge. one teaspoon of cinnamon straight. its painful. hysterical. painful.

kayla, jenna, and i got frozen yogurt, played at a park, and topped the night off getting hula hoops. i LOVE hula hooping. yes, I may have hula hooped by myself in my room. no worries. but we then played with the entire ward out in the parking lot.

had a weekend full of wedding receptions with Jackie. We might have driven up to Logan to be there for 15 minutes- no worries. yay for love and for friends

Jenna, Ammon, and I went shooting on Monday. I might love guns more than hula hoops. very contradictory. it was a blast and jenna and I had a lot of fun taking pictures.

i epically failed at trowing the pidgeons. i threw it perfect 4 times and other than that i couldnt get it out of the little guy 

oh yes, and dinner afterwards of course- at wild ginger. so delicious.

yesterday we went to the baseball game, got shakes at sammies, taco tuesday (with free chips...mmmmm) and just enjoyed summertime.

moral of the story. life is beautiful. it will be hard to leave in a month.

ps i want to live in the country

but for real.

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