Saturday, May 12, 2012

good hard work.

Growing up, summer mornings were spent in the yard. correction. summer days were spent in the yard. I hated it as a 7 year old. I just wanted to go play and it felt like all I ever did was pull weeds, pick up sticks, and mow the lawn. My favorite (or least favorite) would be the days we would play Cinderella. We would work all day, and then would get pizza and a movie that night. We called it slave labor. Often times we would complain that they only "borned us to do their work."

fast forward 15 years. its saturday. i head over to my brother's house for a delicious breakfast of stuffed french toast and then it is out to the yard to help with yard work. It was me against the huge weeds plaguing their back yard. I LOVED it. Time seemed to fly as the pile of weeds became bigger and bigger. I felt like I was accomplishing something, and you could easily see what I have done. It got later and later, and eventually I had to pull myself away. It literally was me forcing myself to stop. I hate leaving something undone- but there were other things calling my name.

There is something about good hard work that makes you feel great. You feel like your life has purpose. You feel anything but lazy, and it is refreshing to be outside. I was in a groove, and could just think as I soaked in the sun.

The work was not done when I left. It was home to put up new blinds (with the help of Ethan), clean, learned how to replace/fix a window screen, and attempt to fix a vacuum. That is right folks. I am learning to be a handy "wo"man. I have never cleaned so much hair out of a vacuum and dust out of a filter- but with one new vacuum belt it will be as good as new. is it weird that I loved cleaning it out? i found it slightly relaxing...hmmm.

I loved having a productive Saturday. loved loved loved it.

other random tidbits.

i love the temple. and friends that are good examples to me and get me out of bed early on saturdays

i went to my 5th wedding reception in 2 weeks. congratulations ashlee and david chamberlain. it was beautiful. they looked so happy. and it was so good to see old friends.

i got to spend the night up in Salt Lake with the beautiful Rachel Robinson. She makes my heart so very happy.

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