Monday, May 14, 2012

Dear St. George...

funny story. Mary and I got into the St. George Marathon. She called me this afternoon and told me the news. We sat there in silence.

Remember a month ago when I was crossing my fingers we would get in- my fingers were no longer crossed. Mary had started praying we wouldn't get in. Our liklihood of getting in. extremely low. we have friends who have tried multiple times and haven't gotten in, and this was our first year. I was feeling pretty confident about not running it. I think getting in is Heavenly Father's funny way of helping me cross it off my bucket list, knowing we probably wouldn't sign up for another one if we didn't get in (even though we were planning on signing up for the SoJo Marathon if we didn't get in)

So. the st. george marathon. october 6th. 26.2 miles. oh brother- deep breaths. it will be tough, but luckily Mary is an angel and we are doing efy together this summer so we can train together- with a lot of self discipline. A lot.

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