Wednesday, February 16, 2011

life is good. no. life is great.

As we can see, Ellie and blogging don't get along very well.. I would say that I will try to be better, but that would be an epic lie. But exciting news in Ellie's life. One is i am going to LONDON for a study abroad! I have never left the country before so I keep going back and forth between complete excitement and complete terror. Usually it is excitement though! The best part is that I get to go with one of my bestest friends Cali. Six weeks with her I think might be what I am most excited about. Not to mention, seeing 12 shows in 6 weeks, hearing English accents everywhere I go, and getting to travel around Europe! Second exciting news- I got hired as a BC (Building Counselor) for EFY this summer. I absolutely love EFY and I cant wait for the summer. But the most impatient person ever. I found out on monday (Valentine's Day) and I swear I walked around beaming all day. and then I got really worried that people would think it was because i was in love, and then realized it didnt matter...but I am in love- with life!EFY will be wonderful this summer- but like london I have brief moments of freak out. One because it is a new position and I have no idea what I am doing- i have this fear of failure. and then two because I get back from London on the 10th- and need to be in Minnesota on the 10th. So crazy! But at the same time so very exciting and fun.

Also the weather has been beautiful recently. Especially for February- i am just waiting for it to change back. But I am amazed at how closely my mood is tied to the weather. I sometimes think I should be a bear and hibernate in the winter because i feel like im such a grump. But as soon as the sun comes out I feel like I can face anything- that the world is my playground. I no longer feel like everyday is the same. Moral of the story- these last few days have been amazing.

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