Monday, February 28, 2011

Flash, Crackle, and Pop

I am a proud aunt of 8 of the cutest children in the world. truth. look at this kid.

Meet Will. He is 11. Old, I know! Will is in his elementary school choir. Said choir performed the National Anthem at the Flash game on Friday. Meet the Flash. They are Utah county's basketball team. Meet Ellie. The supportive aunt who went to said game to see said choir perform. 

(picture to come)

If you have ever been to a BYU basketball game- the Flash game is NOTHING like it. It was incredibly boring. However, I had my lovely sister-in-law to talk to which made life so much more enjoyable. We all voted to leave at half time. Best decision ever. Hmph that sounds very negative- but honestly, so boring. 

Also I have rekindled a recent love. That is right peanut butter and cereal is back. Now I know that sounds way weird but it is delicious. Here is your how to-

1. Get a bowl.
2. Get milk.
3. Get cereal of your choice (Rice checks, rice krispies, or something of the sort)
4. Get peanut butter.
5. Pour cereal into bowl.
6. Add milk.
7. Put a spoonful of peanut butter on the side of the bowl.
8. Get a small amount of peanut butter and take a bite.
9. Devour.
10. Have your life changed forever.

After a long run on Saturday nothing made me happier than my cereal and peanut butter- however, be careful. It is delicious, and you might end up eating your body weight in cereal.

 Another random tidbit from Ellie's life- we had our ward talent show on Saturday. I have no talents. lie. I have one. Which was displayed in a competition in front of the whole world. I can fit my fist in my mouth. I don't know if this ability is due to my abnormally large mouth (see below) or slightly small hands. My guess. A mixture of both.

Ever heard of the wide mouthed frog. Its name is Ellie.
Also- I get to spend 6 weeks with this girl in London. Im pumped.

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