Wednesday, April 13, 2011

dear time, go slower.

The official countdown is 13 days. In thirteen days, I will drive to SLC airport, fly to dallas/fort worth. not so scary. go through customs (hmph, how do i do that?) board a plane, sit for an extremely long period of time, and get off in the far off land of london.

LONDON! I will be in london in 13 days! holy moly, guacamole. I feel like life is on fast forward and I need it to go slower. but alas it will not. Things standing in the way of me being in london (aka things that need to be done before london): Finals. boo. Packing for London and EFY. bigger boo. Packing up my apartment, and putting it into storage. Biggest boo.

While these might not seem like the biggest thing, the fact that I am not a fan of any of them makes life a little harder. but exciting things that stand in my way. SLC half marathon on saturday (after much debate, the full marathon is now a half. oh Cathy and her wisdom), earning lots of money at work (yay extra hours), EFY conference call, my mom coming into town (she is coming to cheer me on in my 13.1 mile adventure), and getting to play with friends before I leave.

While the end of the semester is a fun time. Today is the last day of classes, I cant help but be a little sad. I love my classes, I love the people in my classes, I love my ward, I just love my life right now. So it is hard to say goodbye to it. And knowing next year I will be in a completely new place, well apartment complex that is, saddens me and excites me all at the same time. I am excited for new adventures, new people, having a laundry machine, and living with diana. But i am sad to leave my old ward, my old friends, and the joys of living  at "the colon"

Moral of the story- I want the best of both worlds. Miley Cyrus, how did you do it?

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