Thursday, December 15, 2011

I'll be home for Christmas...

The Christmas Eve Feast Circa 2009
Oh the joys of being home. I am in heaven. Literally. They say a home can be like heaven on earth, right? It is going to be a fun adventure being home for the next two and a half weeks. Its a long time, I normally come home for a week at a time. But there are two different portions of my trip. There is the super fun party with other family portion- filled with seeing A Christmas Carol, seeing the lights downtown, and gingerbread house making. And then the alone with the parents, get projects done (hopefully make a quilt) portion.

But like all fun adventures, and not being in school, it means my blog has a sudden increase because there is just so much to share and remember.

So, what made today so great you ask?

First off, I once again was reminded of my nerdiness as I stood in line at the airport to check my baggage. I was scared I would be late for my flights so I figured out how long I would be in line. I found the average amount of time for them to call the next person up, it was about 20 seconds. And then went on to multiply it by the number of people or groups in front of me. I am proud to say I was only a minute off. Not too shabby. Yes, im a nerd.

I made a friend while waiting to board the airplane and shared my dream of having the whole airplane sing christmas carols together. unfortunately this was not the flight, but he was a very nice guy, with a beard, that he combed, in public.

I found that Ipod touches make plane rides so much more enjoyable. It has everything. music. movies. games. you name it.

Getting a hug from your Mom when she picks you up from the airport. priceless. Also can i just say I have the funniest mom ever. She is the cutest. And I found where my lack of laughing comes from- Catherine Daines Hall. I realize I dont really laugh. I chuckle slightly, its a problem, especially in funny movies. The only time I am reliable to laugh is when something unfortunate happens. A headband breaks, you go over a curb, you spill peanut butter- I am the awful person who thinks it is hysterical. I also laugh if I am getting tickled, but it is more of a "im terrified for my life right now" nervous laugh. But as I was telling this to my loving mom she helped solve the mystery as she explained that she was not one who was easy to laugh either. Our car ride home was full of stories and catching up. That is always my favorite time. The car ride home from the airport.

My dad. Everything about him is wonderful. If there was a contest for best dad I think I would win, sure he isnt perfect but he comes close. He has twinkly eyes, so when he sees you and smiles its just perfect. And nothing beats a hug from your dad, except maybe your mom, the jury is still out. There was music, and without fail he grabbed my hands and we started dancing. We have been dancing for 21 years now and he is the perfect dance partner. I know his moves, I know what is coming, and it is always so fun to dance with him. Is it bad that I am more excited to dance with him at my future wedding than with my future spouse? Note to future husband: You need to dance with me, Bill can give you lessons if you would like. Also my dad decided he was going to set me up with someone while at the YSA christmas party. Dont worry, I remind him I was currently dating someone, but that didn't stop him. He put his arm around me and said "he didn't come" and then went on to point someone out. I just laughed and told him he was funny. He then went on to introduce me to everyone around, including his choice. He is a very social guy my father, and everyone loves him. How can you not?

Driving stick. I got to drive home from the party in our stick shift car. It was good to refresh my memory and know i can still do it. The best moment came as we got off the free way. A light changed to yellow and I had to quickly come to a stop, while I applied the brakes hard it was a very smooth stop. My mom and I were talking about the amazingness that was my stop when I stalled the car, not without a few jerks first, while sitting at the red light. embarrassing? slightly. amazing? most definitely.

The magic of Christmas. our house is magical at Christmas. There are white lights everywhere. Yes white, not colored. My mom  was the cutest and ran in the house before me so she could plug them in so it would be magical when I walked in. Do I love her? very much so.

Fruit galore. The kitchen is full of fruit. All I have been craving all day is fruit. The only thing I wanted as I got off the plane was a Jamba Juice, but the clementine that sat in our kitchen was the most delicious clementine the world has seen and filled my craving.

Two built in friends. We got home late from the party and all I wanted to do was play and talk with my two built in friends. While we did talk and laugh (i guess i also laugh, or chuckle slightly with my family) unfortunately the parental units were tired and went to bed

Sleeping Cold. Tonight my dad asked if I liked sleeping cold. I quickly reminded him of our AC battles in the summer. I wake up and make it colder, he wakes up and turns the AC off to be more economical. I was pleased when he said, oh good, we have been sleeping with the house way cold recently. So I am in bed with cool air around me snuggled up with lots of blankets. Perfection.

Its good to be home.

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