Friday, December 16, 2011

poked and prodded.

Today was a momentous day. A day I have been waiting for for the last four years of my life. Today I finally found the cause of my awful stomach problems... miracle of miracle. No more cringing in pain, no more getting overly full without even eating what's on my plate, no more wanting to throw up. Amazing right. So what is the diagnosis you ask.. acid reflux. Why it has taken so long to figure out is beyond me, but I am happy to know how to make it better, feeling sick is kind of the worst thing ever.

today was also a momentous day because i have become less doctorphobic. I told both doctors I saw today that I liked them. It sure beats three year old Ellie who told her doctor she hated him. harsh ellie, harsh. but today was just a great day with the docs, they were friendly, personable, and told me good news instead of bad. The mole on my neck- not a problem. my stomach- soon to be fixed. and I didn't even cry when they took my blood, impressive right?

sad news in finding out what is wrong. I cant have spicy food, dairy, or tomatoes for the next three months while my stomach heals. This is the saddest because Taco Soup is my favorite thing of all time, but explains why I always feel sick when I on occasion have it for all three meals (yes, Im weird and eat normal foods for breakfast sometime). So tonight for dinner we had taco soup as a farewell meal. It was delicious, but sure enough my stomach hurt afterwards. Rather than get sad, or annoyed, I was so excited, why? because I finally know why. knowledge is power my friends.

other random tidbits of the day.

I picked up Becca and Jeff from the cutest little town in Illinois... Dwight- I will possibly one day maybe live there possibly. but the GPS failed me in the fact it wouldn't pick up a single until I finally found the train station. dear tomtom, that is of no help.

My father is hysterical, I dont remember what happened (lame) but dinner was hysterical because of him

Aaron and Amanda were here for dinner. Amanda is Chelsey's (my sister-in-law) cousin who we love. She is the cutest, and Aaron is the wonderful boy she is dating.

Dr. Mario Tournament with Cathy, Becca, and Jeff...I dominated.

My phone fails at getting reception in our house. Its the worstest. Sorry for the delayed texting world. I really do love you, even if I tell you 7 years later.

I have this trait where I get overly excited easily. I get my hopes way to high way to fast. Mentioning something fun to me that might not happen is not a smart thing, I invest quickly. Its a problem. I need to work on it.

Also on Tuesday I lost a bet. I know we shouldn't bet but I did. It was about a car from Cars. Mater to be exact. Did you know his name is really Towmater. Yep, I didn't. But I am sad to say its the truth. So i owed Nate frostys. But there is a new bet on the table. Temple Run, its a game for Ipods and things of the sorts. addicting, be careful. Who can get the high score over break. Im right now in the lead with around 800,000 but we have a long two week ahead and a lot can happen. Wish me luck.

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