Wednesday, December 14, 2011

it's a wonderful life- Jimmy Stewart style

 You see George, you've really had a wonderful life. 
Don't you see what a mistake it would be to just throw it away?
-Clarence It's A Wonderful Life
I have never been good at keeping a journal. I have documented January 1st through the 7th of many years, as I start out with New Year's resolutions, but I rarely succeed at continuing on. I normally forget and get behind, and then I become overwhelmed and just give up. To physically write it out takes too long and I normally vote I am too tired. That is the lovely thing about a blog. I use it as my journal. I probably share too much of my thoughts and feelings for the public view, but I do this more for me than for those who happen to read it.

But I realized the value of going back and reading past entries today. I feel like sometimes I lose who I am, or lose the confidence and "straight-headedness" i once had. I've let little things get to me. I have let stress, lack of sleep, bad nutrition (not taking a lunch to school is not a good idea), and the now gray weather affect my mood way to much. I realize things that normally wouldn't affect me cause me to become sad or grumpy. My patience for silly things has gone way down. It's the dumbest.

So as I sat at the info desk at work I started looking at past entries and realizing how blessed I really am. I realized how wonderful life is and to short to let the little things get you down. I have so much to be grateful for. I have control over how I act and react to situations. That I can find joy in the little things.  That I have had amazing experiences and that I have the gospel of Jesus Christ. That while it's hard at times I still love life.

Basically I have a wonderful life. Being Christmas, how can you not remember the wonderful Jimmy Stewart movie. While life might not be perfect, I am grateful to be alive.

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