Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Yo Pod...

Happy Father’s Day to this guy…

I count myself blessed to have had William Mackey Hall as my father. He is one of my favorite people in the world. He is wonderful. I am definitely daddy’s little girl at heart.

A short list of the reasons I am grateful he is my father
  • We have a similar sense of humor- we will laugh and laugh over a “stuck” open gas tank, or a missing plate of food.

  • He has a way of making me feel so loved- I don’t know how he does it, but I never doubt he loves me. When he comes in town I know I am a priority in his life.

  • He is my favorite dancing partner- we have been dancing since before I could walk. He will dance with me anywhere. One of my favorite memories was dancing in front of everyone at a high school jazz concert. They invited people to come up and dance to “unforgettable” and no one moved, no one besides Bill. He grabbed my hand and up we went. It was perfect.

  • He is kind and friendly to everyone- growing up he would wave to everyone, as we would drive places. I would ask if he knew them, he would smile and say no and then wave at the next person.

  • He is bald- it made for lots of funny jokes and perfect “dopey/snow white” kisses as a little girl
  • He has awful fashion sense- I love more than anything his overalls and flannel shirts in the winter. His sneakers with black socks (he doesn’t do this anymore). And old t-shirts and hats.

  • He thinks he is still 20- It is great, because I still think I am 7, but he does not seem like an old fogy

  • He is active- He still loves biking and skiing. Stay active is important to him. Who else will take their daughter on a freezing cold bike ride Christmas Eve day in Chicago?

  • He will take me skiing- because he loves it soo much he will take us skiing when he comes to town. He is the nicest.
  • He loves the gospel and has taught me to love the gospel- its just the way he lives his life. It is part of everything he does.

  • He is patient- he rarely gets mad, and will handle all of our imperfections.
  • He will tell me when I am being ridiculous- I still remember the day he flat out told me I was being prideful. The worst part was he was completely right. I am so grateful that he would help me see when I am not being the person I should.

  • He takes care of me- he will help me with my car and things I need help with around the house. He makes sure I have everything I need.
  • He helps me be healthy- he will buy me new running shoes so I don’t get injured and has helped sponsor many a race

  • He gives the best hugs- growing up with inside the coat hugs and bear hugs were the best
  • He is a great grandpa- he will play with the little guys and chase them around the house.

  • He tells amazing stories- both from his life (he was a crazy teenager) and bedtime stories.
  • He teaches me- I know how Air Conditioning ducts, Christmas lights, and many other things work. He will take the time to explain anything.

  • He has an answer to every question- even if he doesn’t know the answer he will think for a bit and then come up with a logical answer than makes complete sense
  • He provides for our family- I have never had an opportunity taken away because of lack of money. I was able to do gymnastics, dance, soccer, band, etc. because of him.
  • He is frugal- he has taught us that you get water if you go out to dinner, and that’s if you go out in the first place. But because of this we were able to go on vacations.

  • He is not competitive, but secretly is- We will play games and he will just give people cards they want- but somehow seems to still win somehow. Karma.
  • He is aware- if I am having a rough time he knows and is great at comforting me. There was once he called me about bike stuff, two minutes later he called back, “Ellie, is everything okay- you sounded like something was wrong” In truth it was that I had just woken up from a nap- but he knew something was different and cared.

  • He is a worthy priesthood holder- I have been given countless father’s blessings, and have seen the difference in my life.
  • He is always happy- he just has a sparkle in his eyes and is always jovial.
  • He is selfless- he spent hours making ice skating rinks, balance beams, and helping us with homework.
  • He writes in all caps- I have no idea why this brings me such joy- but HALL on everything we own just makes me smile

The list goes on and on. He really is wonderful- I wish every girl was able to have him as her father. I have seen myself looking for many of the qualities I have seen him in my future spouse. So boys…take note.


  1. I think I just may have shed a tear or, too! Love this. Beautiful tribute to a great man I am lucky to know.

  2. ahem, *two. I cannot multi-task. Apparently. :)