Saturday, June 30, 2012

city of beautiful.

meet nauvoo. my love grew. so will you. heres the to do. 

Go to the temple. Our nightly routine (at the beginning of the week) included scripture study/journal writing/pondering outside the temple and it was absolutely perfect. 

Go to Sunset on the Mississippi and play with friends.

Go to Carthage. Take Sara Bailey (the sweetest girl with down syndrome) with you, and hear her testify of Joseph Smith. Your life will be changed.

Visit the Nauvoo Cementary. Feel the spirit that is there, and the beauty. Ponder the sacrifice people gave.

Take this girl with you. Kjersti has more love of Nauvoo and its contagious. And be prepared to sweat a lot. 
Take the advice of signs, and go in all the cute shops and fall in love with everything
Have a mission call overnighted so you can open it in Nauvoo
Show how excited you are for Kjersti to open her mission call in the Seventies Hall (the original MTC)
Watch a friend open their mission call. Riverside CA, spanish speaking. Tears are optional.
Go to Annie's and get custard. I recommend Salted Carmel with Heath. Oh yes, and take your favorite people with.
if you do all those thing you are guaranteed an amazing week. plus throw in amazing youth, the 168th anniversary of the martyrdom, a musical program, late night meetings, lots of cereal, new caterers, no cell service, air conditioning, and your own bathroom. life is perfect.

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