Sunday, June 26, 2011

life in the states.

efy. thats my life for the last two weeks. love it. its time consuming. stressful. rewarding. great. all of the above. highlights.

minnesota. hello jet lag. hello blessings. i somehow made it through the week without falling asleep in any meetings. miracle. i was in charge of games night. it rained. i hate the rain. a lot. it poured. so games night was inside. it was perfect weather during games night. devil. other highlights. great youth. great cafeteria. good week.

jason and i left early to set up the session in illinois. the car ride was grand. story time galore. the next day consisted of meeting with the campus contact and getting the site office ready. best part of the day. that night. we met my family half way to go to dinner at chilis and play at a park. it was the best. rachel was in town and came with lincoln and anna cate. they are the cutest. but really. they stole my heart. it was fun to play at the park with them but it broke heart to have to leave them.

miracle of the week. saturday we had training. one of the girls was from naperville, and was going home that night. she took me with her. i was able to surprise my family for fathers day. best experience ever. i loved seeing my fathers face as he saw me walking in. he is the bestest. and surprise surprise a friend had just gotten home from a mission and it was his homecoming that sunday. perfect timing. i think yes. the 20 hours home consisted of bed time stories. sequence. dove bars. ticket to ride. a walk with my dad. church. and other wonderful moments. it is amazing how much you value your family when time is limited. i love them. a lot.
before church with ac and lincoln.
illinois. was a great week. brother wright was our session director and was absolutely amazing. he gave us a book he had written at our sunday night fireside. and was so kind. it doesnt help that he is also is a marriage and family guy. meaning we had lots of fun talks. he was the bestest.

the whole team with the wrights after he taught us about three word journaling on thursday night
we had check-in under control. no worries. 
we were pros at self timers by the end of the summer. after check-in in illinois we had a photoshoot. meet the girls of the bc team...and jason.
on thursday at the morningside he was talking about baby blankets and asked the question who still had their baby blanket. my hand went up with many others. he then asked the question who has their baby blanket at efy. my hand shot up. as i glanced around the room i was shocked to see my hand was the only hand in the air. laughing uncontrollably i lowered my hand. yes. i am 21, and still sleep with my baby blanket.

other fun things from illinois.

this beautiful girl had a birthday! yay rachel!
we voted sleep was silly and stayed up to decorate her door the night fun!
we had lots of fun at the dances, and learned we loved going around and serenading couples. good thing we are such lovely singers. 
mother nature hated us once again and games night was inside. but we still had fun. and learned our primary colors.
fsoy was great! sarah connolly had the funniest lesson on physical health where she had ryan act out a story she was telling about a person who was extremely lazy and then got addicted to was hysterical.
i fell in love with cody at service.
at service. the week before they had sung "send it on" we didnt practice so we just lip synced along with it. epic fail. but we had fun.

 it was a good two weeks with lots of fun and lots of good memories. there was mason in illinois who was the cutest little guy in the world, with mad dance skills. there was crissy who i accidently called crispy one morning while getting breakfast- she subsequently called me smelly the rest of the week. now off to nauvoo. party.

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