Monday, June 6, 2011

selflessly selfish

trying saying that title five times fast. yep. cant do it.

once upon a time the alarm clock went off. i rolled over pressed snooze. and then got out of bed. i brushed my teeth. put on clothes. and walked out the door umbrella in hand. i got on the tube. made one transfer. walked down a street. and was there. where? the infamous abbey road. you know the one the beatles have on their cover. it made for an early morning- getting there and back before class.

we made it! happy beatles!
it was your stereotypical rainy london morning as we searched for the right cross walk. no worries. we got it wrong. luckily a nice woman came up to casmin and told her we werent at the right crosswalk. silly americans. we took some wonderful pictures, or tried to. im pretty sure all of london hated us at that moment as we kept crossing the street just for a picture and slowing traffic. and then we were off to class.
abbey road studios.
crossing the street. we are going the wrong way, but hey the concept is the same.
we got to class early. very early. luckily the man who opens the building got there a minute after we did so we didnt have to wait outside. our time was filled with movie trailers and helping move chairs. and before you knew it class had started. class was different today. in a fun way. one of rodger's old students who is now studying here, came and talked to us about movement in theater. we then spent the second half of the class period working on our movement. aka doing yoga, and walking around with different focuses. it was really interesting, and fun, but i realize i am a very self-conscious person. i felt like i wasnt doing it right, or that people were looking at me. which was just silly. but a good- ellie stop being dumb- moment. phil's class was good. we just talked about merchant and macbeth. and then we went over what the final will be like. crazy day. it was our last day of class and then tomorrow is finals and then hampton court and then home. it amazes me how time flies.

after class i ran home, got my clothes, and headed to metrogate to do laundry. unfortunately i didnt have enough change but didnt realize it until i had started putting my clothes in so i had to run over to a pub across the street to get change. luckily there was a girl getting her clothes out of the dryer when i had to run, so she watched my stuff for me. such a doll. we ended up talking when i got back and she was with the UofU here for a theater study abroad as well. living in none other than hyde park gate. we chatted about what shows we have seen, what we have done, and so on. but in doing so i forgot to put the sweatshirt i was wearing in with everything else. devil. and i cant remember if i put soap in. double devil. so i might have just spent 2 pounds to rinse my clothes. but hey thats better than nothing right? i spent the next two hours in the metrogate computer lab doing homework, facebooking, and blogging. not the most exciting thing in the world.

my clothes finally finished, and oh boy were they hot. i now understand the london fire. they dry their clothes so hot that once it started on fire. but really. phew. except it made it lovely to carry home because i could feel the warmth through my backpack. i came home and cali was still asleep so i put clothes away and packed a little more before waking her up to go for a run. i have found the motivation to go running switches between the two of us. i will be way motivated to go but then i lose my motivation right as she gains hers. its the devil. but makes us run farther which is good.

after running we got ready and then were off to dinner with elly and ashlee before the show. elly had been to this wonderful, cheap, indian express restaurant a few weeks ago- so we decided to go there before the show. so we made our way through the crowds of people of the tube until we got to warren street. we turned left walked for a minute before seeing the lovely pink building that was the indian express...closed. surprise it is only open for lunch. a few laughs later we were on the tube heading to leicester square for the show. we ran back to Mr Wu's chinese buffet that we had gone to the first time we saw a show in the west end for a quick, cheap dinner. We get there with only about 15 minutes to eat and they tell us there were no tables. cali being the proactive girl she is asked if they didnt have any upstairs (which is where we had eaten before) and he told us that he had a large reservation coming. to which she replied we only have 15 minutes. he responds with "oh brother, you girls are on a mission" as he quickly grabs plates and sends us through the buffet, yelling go go go. he was so nice and so sweet and within 15 minutes we were out the door. bellies full as could be. i dont know if i stopped to breathe at any point.

at Mr. Wu's
the show we went to was Pygmalion. It is the story of my fair lady minus the music. and it was phenomenal in my personal opinion. Rupert Everett played Henry Higgins and did a grand job. and the woman who played Eliza was one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. The show felt really fast being only a two hours, and constantly moving. I cant recall any point that seemed to drag. It was perfect, considering i was tired and was able to stay awake for the whole thing. The ending is a bit different from My Fair Lady- spoiler alert. she marries Freddy. which i actually really liked, considering Henry is awful to her.

stolen from Lauren. happy pygmalion.
after the show, people waited to meet Rupert- but he was in a Q&A and they didnt want to have to wait for him to come out so we headed home. it wasnt until we got to the tube station that cali realized we hadnt taken a picture with the sign. we had a brief. do we go back moment. how do we make decisions? we play rock paper scissors. so there we are standing in the tube station playing rock paper scissors to decided wether continue on our downward journey to the tube or go back the way we came for a single picture. if i won we went back, if she won we went home. cali won. was i perfectly content with this decision, and extremely happy for playing rock paper scissors. yes.

decision to go home. it was a good one.
on our way home we stopped by sainsbury's to get some food to get us through the end of the week. as well as things to bring back. but for some reason london was on one and everyone was hysterical. we were looking at something and a man asked cali for her basket. confused she said she was using it (not she had things in it) he then said that we could share (note mine was almost full- and was about to become more full). we explained that there wasnt enough room before he said "joke, joke" we arent quite sure if he was joking or not, but it was a very comical moment. then as we are checking out, and i am unloading my basket, i realize that everything i bought was unhealthy so i make a remark to cali. to which the cashier says something to me and starts putting my stuff off to the side. i quickly explained that i wanted it. to which he smiles and says "but its unhealthy" i laugh, and realize that i need him in my life. he would be very beneficial on my desire to eat healthy.

cali with all our "healthy" food. oh wait no.
while we got lots of yummy things for people back home. it wouldnt be complete without something for us. so we had some delicious short bread cookies and milk when we got home, before retiring to our room to work on our theater final- which, if we finished and emailed it in, meant we didnt have to go to class until 10 30 to take phil's final. did we finish yes. are we planning a very long very exciting run in the morning. you bet.

to explain the title. i have come to realize i am very selfish. even when i seem to being selfless. examples. im really good at sharing chocolate with people. because then i get to eat it without feeling guilty for eating the whole thing. example two. see all those cookies. they are to take to efy, and give to the other BC's. selfless. nope. its because i want to have one of each kind and if i share i dont have to eat them all, and i will have friends. its the devil. everything i do ends up being selfish i feel. there is no winning. you serve, you get blessings. so i am cursed to be selflessly selfish. hmph.

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