Friday, June 10, 2011

welcome home miss hall.

so every time i look at the blank screen that yearns to be filled with my life's adventures all that comes to mind is "wake up in the morning feeling like p-diddy." its kind of perfect considering i dont think i have gone a day without it running through my head at least five times.

but today i woke up like a girl on a mission. after getting to bed around 2 30 (i couldnt last any longer- my bed was calling my name...loudly.) the lovely alarm went off at 5 30. three hours. not too shabby. especially considering that used to be the length of my sunday naps growing up. the morning consisted getting those last minute things together, eating breakfast, and saying goodbye. i love the fact that i know i will see them again at BYU but it will be sad not having them in my daily life. especially my roommates. i love people. i love pillow talk. yes, privacy on occasion is nice- and im looking forward to that. but having a college dorm room to yourself just isnt as fun as sharing a flat in london with three other girls.

goodbye london. goodbye cali. goodbye hyde park. goodbye west end. goodbye.
the trek down gloucester was... interesting. to say the least. mental note to self. mothers are always right. when i was leaving my mom suggested packing less. but i had already consolidated and thought i was fine. walking down gloucester with two now very very full suitcases was the devil. i had to stop a few times along the way to give my hands a rest. i have never been so happy to make it to the tube station in my life. the tube was great. all i had to do was stand there with my suitcases making sure they didnt move- it gave my hands a very nice, needed break.

the airport was an airport. a very efficient airport. there were people directing you where to go and asking security questions along the way. i was able to use part of my voucher to pay for the extra bag which was so nice. and the lady helping me was an absolute doll. interesting fact about airports in london. they dont post the gate until an hour before your flight, so you have to wait in a big lobby which is basically a mall. its genius. i found a seat, and started "after the party" (the book cali and i got because of the poster in the tube) but found myself falling asleep reading. i was terrified that i would zonk out and miss my flight. it has been done many a time in the hall family. but i made it to my gate without a problem.

the flight itself was fine. no, i was not in business again. i had a window seat which was wonderful! but sad story of the flight. my little tv didnt work. so i wasnt able to watch movies or anything else. luckily i slept for a good portion of the flight. and the rest i was just thinking or eating airplane meals. the fed us twice on our 8 hour flight. it was great. but made for a very full ellie. but it meant that i was never really bored which was great.

we eventually made it to chicago. happy day. customs was easy-peasy. and it was so nice to hear them say "welcome home" i had called cathy when i landed and had beater her through customs. but was pleasured by the musical stylings of michael hall. who called and sang happy birthday. was my birthday 3 weeks ago. yes. had i been in london so he couldnt call. yes. is he the bestest. yes.

mom eventually made it. it was sooo good to see her. there is something so comforting in family. we then ran, picked up padre at work, and then back into the city to go to the sprint store to fix my phone. the worker guy was my favorite and was so nice. half way through though i ran outside to do some finagling with luggage- and mom was so nice to stay inside and wait. and finagling i did. trying to fit what mom had gotten for me and taking out things that were in the "efy" suitcase. i have a talent for overpacking. it is true.

while packing i made my dad stand guard. after all we were in the south side of downtown chicago. as my head is down a see a figure approach and then says hi. a little scared i looked up and it was none other than jonathan! we finished packing and then went and met him, chelsea, and the kids at pizza capri for lunch.

warren has gotten so big. also his love for me is waning. when i would hold him he would throw his body towards jonathan. as soon as he made it to jonathan he would hug him, and then look at me and smile smugly. so cute. but so sad.
james was adorable. but i think a little scared of me. while he would talk to me on skype- i guess the real me is a little scarier. but i did get a high five and hug out of him.
james enjoyed helping put the parmesan cheese in the oil for dipping. more parmesan ended up on the table, but it was the cutest thing in the world. and he is a smart little guy. he had seen his dad take off the top to poor faster, so he tried to do the same thing. luckily it was screwed on to tight, otherwise we could have a very big mess on our hands. but he was a pro shaker.
pizza capri. where we ate. had these amazing quotes painted on the wall, which gave it a cool feel. being a marriage and family major this one was my favorite.
yummy yummy wrap. i couldnt help but continue the london tradition of taking pictures of our food.
lunch was wonderful. and it was so great to see j&c and the kids. they are so big. we had fun. laughed. chatted. and before i knew it, it was time to head back to the airport. it was soo great to see them, but i wish i had more time.

 all of my finagling did not pay off. i got to the airport and my suitcase was WAY overweight. but being the frugal person i am, i didnt  want to pay. so there i was taking stuff out until i got it to 50. i made the executive decision to check my backpack with my shampoo, conditioner, etc. and then stuffed it full. unfortunately i came to the realization everything wasnt going to fit after she had sent my big bag. my purse was overflowing with shoes, sweatpants, and a blanket, and i walked through security holding my sheets. a little ridiculous. but hysterical. luckily i found a place with a plastic bag so i didnt have to hold them the whole time.

i made it to the gate just in time to board. jonathan was so kind and had checked me in- so i was in the A boarding group. meaning WINDOW SEAT! ahh my favorite. however i had to use the bathroom. not having time before and wanting a window seat. i would need to hold it until i got to MN. the flight was good- slept. and eliza called right when we landed saying they were almost there. i told her i would go quick but that i needed the bathroom real bad because i hadnt wanted to climb over everyone. so there i am waiting to get out of my seat when the guy who had been sitting on the aisle ushered me to go. my response "oh no, you can go" his response. "you go, youre the one who has to pee" i almost died. so funny.

meeting up with everyone from efy was easy, and great. they had all gone to the temple and come straight to pick me up. and then-happy day- we went into minneapolis and met up with jason dale lane. i hadnt seen that kid in forever. and in talking to eliza she had said something about meeting up with jason- but i just figured it was jason sanders and was a little confused. when i finally made the connection i was so so happy. it was great to see him and hear about his life. he is so wonderful.

we all went out for milkshakes. being full to the brim, and having my body think it was four in the morning- i wasnt really feeling it. jason was sweet and when he ordered said we were sharing so i wouldnt feel silly not getting anything- except she brought it in two cups. i chuckled as i shoved my milkshake towards jason.

my 30 hour day concluded by driving to gustavus with the bc's and coordinators who had come. i have never been so tired before. (that might be a lie). but i was to the point that i had to concentrate with every fiber of my being on the conversation i was having. i find when im tired i withdraw. i get quiet. i just observe. and blank out. it was great to see everyone. and when we got back seeing the other bc's and gena who were back waiting. and then it was off to bed.

london has officially ended. but efy has officially begun. party.

this is will be the rest of my summer. am i pumped. you betcha.

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