Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my temporary home...

This is my temporary home 

It's not where I belong. 
Windows and rooms that I'm passin' through. 
This is just a stop, on the way to where I'm going. 
I'm not afraid because I know this is my 
Temporary Home.

for the last 6 weeks London has been my temporary home. and i have loved it.

Today while working on some things, i was on a country kick and carrie underwoods song temporary home came on. it brought me back to efy in ohio last year where my adorable youth cami sang this song. she did a beautiful job, but what made it even more beautiful was the fireside Brother Hinton gave later that night. He talked about how mortality is our temporary home.

my thoughts as of the moment. while being in London has been wonderful, and so much fun, and i have learned so much about myself- i cant help but be excited to go home. I cant wait to see my parents at the airport. to get a huge bear hug from my dad, and the most loving hug in the world from my mom. i cant wait to start this next chapter of my summer at efy. and how perfectly that parallels with our life here on earth to. i love my life. it is wonderful, and i am blessed in so many ways! but how excited i am to meet my Heavenly Father at the "airport" of heaven, and have him give me the biggest bear hug in the world and say "Welcome Home!"

but i will enjoy the next day i have in my temporary home. and soak in my last little bits of london! oh boy it will be sad to leave on friday. but enjoy a little bit of music by good ole carrie.

today was not unlike any other. woke up early, caught a bus to gloucester (so that unlike others, and was wonderful!), got on the tube to go to the train station, where we met everyone, boarded a train, and went to Hampton Court. So the Hampton Court part was new, but it feels like we have had a lot of field trips lately.

Hampton Court was beautiful. It was the home of Henry VIII and many others. It was great to walk around and explore, and we had an audio tour which filled our brains with lots and lots of knowledge.

in front of hampton court.
ready to learn about the kitchen of hampton court.
when walking in we saw these little guys all in a row. watching all the little school groups go around hampton was comically similar.
in the amazingly huge kitchens.
the great hall. again, i want a palace.
my future bed.
we sure like listening to our audio tours. except for the fact they are 8 years long for each room.
Rafael's painting of the apostles. hello ninja turtle

 once we had adequately explored the castle we made our way to the beautiful grounds.

 having been "tourist"ed out during stratford, we didnt stay to long. and also the fact that we were all starving helped factor into the decision to leave early. so back on the train we went. but not before a half an hour wait at the train station- and which point i felt like a vagabond sitting with my legs hanging over the tracks. the first stop once getting back to london was lunch. and what a better place to go than the indian express lunch place we had tried the night before.

we all scarfed our delicious cheap food down before we even thought of taking a picture. it was amazing. and a ton of food for only 4 pounds. seriously. ever in london. go to the warren street tube stop, and look for the pink building. your life will be changed.

then it was home to get stuff done, and take naps. so much for the goal to not nap, we have all just been so tired lately. but funny story of the day- well yesterday. during our run cali got "run" into by another runner. kind of funny considering we were running straight, but hey things happen. below you will see the lovely souvenir left by said runner. poor cal.

 later that night a group of us went to get gelato for the last time at the south kennsington creperie. did i go before i had had dinner. yes. was it amazing. yes.

cami, ashlee, and casmin with their cones.
ferror rocher and frozen fruit yogurt. heaven on earth.
these was a huge block of chocolate that was in my ice cream. i wasnt quite sure the best way to eat it. 
so the whole thing went into my mouth.

 the rest of the night was spent with roommates as they caught up on blogging and i worked on transfering notes into my spiritual notebook before efy. 

random tidbits:

cali is a good proff proof (exhiit A) reader of blogs. she caught many mistakes as she referenced my blog to catch up. duck. not duke. yay for blogging late at night.

cami is planning on moving into moutainwood with diana and i. party.

countdown to efy- 2 day! holy hannah.

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