Saturday, June 4, 2011

happy monday- oh crud. happy saturday.

What you need to know about the past is that no matter what has happened, it has all worked together to bring you to this very moment.  And this is the moment you can choose to make everything new.  Right now.

* explanation of title: for the life of me i couldnt remember today was saturday. it felt like a monday. tonight preston mentioned seeing me at 7 30 tomorrow, and i was so confused. he had to mention it was for church before it clicked. im glad he said something, otherwise i might have missed church. phew.

*explanation of the quote: i didnt know what quote would adequately fit today. but this morning running we passed a quote about the past that i loved- however, i dont remember what it was, so i was looking online and came across this one, which i love, enjoy.

this morning started bright and early with a 7 am run to buckingham. which is surprisingly a fairly quick run. you can get there in 25 minutes. which is shocking because it takes about 45 on the tube. it was a beautiful morning though and the run was invigorating. along the way though we passed someone who yelled "go cougars" which made my morning. five miles later we returned to the flat to stretch and do abs and talk to amber. i adore her. she asked our opinion on a controversial show she is wanting to do which sounds fascinating with what she wants to accomplish with it.

breakfast, shower, get ready, and then we were off to portobello with ashlee, cali, and elly. we headed down to gloucester to hit up the atm (which still was not working) and take the tube (which was crazy busy, and the other girls needed to top off their oyster card) both of which failed. so we headed back up and just walked to the market. the market was wonderful. i love the smells, the sounds, and just everything of portobello. we explored and all came away with a good amount of loot. i got a cardigan, more scarves (only a pound), and a watch. now the only worry is getting everything home.

after portobello it was home to work on homework that was due at midnight. can i just say how much i dislike writing papers when there is a great big world to explore.

after getting the majority of the paper done we headed to the British Museum. which was grand. my goal for going. see the rosetta stone. which was amazing! it is amazing to think what that one rock has done for societies knowledge. it made translating hieroglyphics possible. we also saw cleopatra's mummy, and statues from the parthenon in greece. but once again we were all museumed out so we went at an incredible speed which was perfect.
unfortunately the reading room was closed. so we just pretended. and becca this ones for you. dum dum want gum gum? how i love night at the museum, and my sister.
with cleopatra.
ready for the masquerade at the gift shop.
up close and personal.
funny story of the day: i put on pants i hadnt worn the whole time ive been here. and i was a little worried. after all chocolate has been high on the list of foods eaten. and as my mom said "be careful- you dont want to come back a porker" oh mothers. but no worries, they fit. and not tight. it was a very happy moment in my life. moment shattered when they ripped while at the museum after sitting criss-cross apple sauce on the floor. i am now in desperate need of new khaki's considering we have to wear them monday of efy. also at this moment i was very very grateful for having a long shirt.

good-bye pants. you did me well.
then it was of to hampstead to get the most amazing crepes of my life. elly and cali had gone on tuesday while i was at the ballet and swore we had to go back. i see why. i got an asparagus cheese crepe and oh brother. most delicious thing in the world. they were just at this cute little crepe stand off to the side of the street, but oh brother! we ate our crepes as we walked to a park to eat our crepes at. however, they were all gone before we got there. but the park was beautiful.
so excited for our delicious crepes.
the beautiful view from the bench we sat on.
we then headed back, but made a quick stop at king's cross station to get a picture at platform 9 3/4. unfortunately the station is under construction, but they have a fake one set up outside you can take your picture with. while we were there this two drunk guys came up to us and were going on about taking a picture of them. it was odd. oh london after a futbol game ends. the tube was packed but we eventually made it home to finish papers and get to bed.

livin' the harry potter life.
on the way home we made a quick stop by tesco to get food for sunday. and corners were on sale. corners are our love. they are the best things in this world. meet delicious yogurt. meet delicious mix-ins. put them together and you have corners. we are all obsessed. we blame rodger who brought them for devotional treat once. they are grand. we eat them like candy.

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