Sunday, July 29, 2012

blog vs sleep

This is a constant battle in my life.

Do I blog or do I sleep.

Here is my Pro/Pro list... Pro/Con lists are silly, because the cons of one are the pros of the other, so when making a lists are the only way to go...

Pros of Blogging:

  1. quickly write down memories so I can remember them in months to come
  2. help my family to stay updated on my life
  3. get random musings out of my head

Pros of Sleeping:

  1. I am more rested
  2. happier during the week
  3. I can stay awake while driving
  4. You get to have exciting dreams
  5. more energy
  6. Im not as grumpy
  7. I can do my job better
Sleep tends to always win. I have 2,390,823 blog posts in my head that I haven't found time to actually write out...they are coming, hopefully... but for now my bed is calling my name for a quick nap before more meetings and a trip to the airport...

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