Tuesday, July 24, 2012


week 7. Bowling Green, Kentucky

I can't believe we are already to week 7, but at the same time it feels like we have been here for an eternity. Last week was the low point. The week where I just wanted to go home. There was no air conditioning, no cell service, Morningside started at  7:30 rather than the normal 9:30, we were all tired and slightly grumpy.

I'm not sure what changed. It could be the cold rooms to sleep in, or the extra hour of sleep because of a time change. It might have been our cheer on Monday morning. I'm not sure what it was but this week just feels so much better, we are all... refreshed.

our cheer. it was epic. Thank you Shmidtty for the amazing lights...
we made it the night before and I was literally on crack. I have been in a funk of late and as we all helped choreograph it (main credit goes to James and Shae) we all just kept getting more and more excited. Funk gone. Seven year old Ellie, back. 

EFY is draining. It is amazing but draining. It literally takes over every part of your life. Even on your days "off" you're not really off because you are travelling to the next session and getting everything ready for another week. A life back home seems like a distant memory, and trying to maintain relationships with friends is tricky, to say the least. (This is my public apology to Jenna for failing at calling her every time I say I will, and the forever long game of phone tag). You crave normality, independence. I remember at the end of last summer the highlight of going home was being able to go to the bank by myself. To run an errand. I was so happy. So by week 6 it is understandable that one would start to get a little stir crazy.

There is something about Kentucky. This campus is magestic. We are in a beautiful, newly renovated auditorium, with the most amazing lights and sound guy. Our site office is perfect, with leftover cereal from mingle for those mornings you don't make it to breakfast. Orientation ran like a dream. Everything has just been nearly perfect. 

James and I came to the realization that we don't have enough fun with our BCs. Our meetings are quick so we can get to bed, but it doesn't allow for them to de-stress. So last night we got little tiny things of Ben and Jerry's. We told them how we loved them and how we saw a difference from last week and how much we appreciated and what the do. Mary raised her hand, "can you be more specific, that's pretty broad and I want to know what we can do to get more ice cream." it was amazing, and hysterical.

While last week I found myself wishing the summer would come to an end, this week I have found myself saying I have the best job in the world. While it is hard at times, and we have to deal with not fun things (like mean parents at check in, mistakes from the office, discipline, and all the other not-so-great things), we also get to play with our friends and learn about the gospel. Where else to you get paid to sit in classes and learn, or sit and listen to your friends as they practice singing "I Feel My Saviors Love"- this really is the best job in the world.

I'm not sure what I am trying to get across in this post, it's mainly an update and for me to remember that I really do love what I do. The moral of this story is that this week is different, and I am excited for the next two weeks and what they bring!

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  1. I never would have guessed last week was so hard for you. You were always so positive, happy, and welcoming. Thank you for being amazing. And good luck with your last few weeks!