Wednesday, July 18, 2012

my side is in stiches...

I am not a huge "laugher", especially in movies. I get this from my mom. I am much more a chuckler or giggler- and I usually laugh at unfortunate events (not kosher at all- but its always so funny). But this summer I am definitely becoming more of a laugher. To the point where at one point it was a disruption at the end of a morningside.

Here are the things that leave my side in stiches

1. Watching the firework video over and over again. We found at 2:24 that one of the counselors turns the wrong way and runs straight into another counselor. It was the funniest thing ever!!!

2. Mary's Birthday. I don't know what made it so funny, but decorating balloons and her door was hysterical. We were all on the floor dying laughing trying to make no noise at all. We heard Shae and Lexie in the stair well and tried to spy on them by jumping to see through the window- she was going to scare us and tried to open the door, too bad Indiana was fort knox and she had forgotten to use her key to unlock it. This resulted in even more laughter.

3. In Cincinnati, OH a parent came up to me at the solutions table. She went on to request we teach the kids how to get out of the building. They had spent 10 minutes trying to get out because every time they came to an exit it was an emergency exit, and in case of an emergency the kids would need to know how to get out. I held in my laughter as I explained to her that in the event of an emergency I am sure it would be okay for the kids to use the emergency exits, but that I would make sure counselors show their participants the way out. I was DYING inside.

4. Shawn was attempting to get her backpack that was on the other side of this plastic fence. All of a sudden we hear "help." James and I looked over to see her falling over the white picket fence. James and I just looked at her confused. How in the world did that happen, to which she replied "really guys, I need help" oh the laughter than ensued.

5. In the hulabalu of having no session box at check-in. and the post-it madness that followed. we sent shae on an important mission to make copies of release forms the university needed from all the participants. we had him make 200 to be safe. we have 150 left.

6. walking down the hallway after a long night I saw a counselor. We had a brief conversation about his week while I waited for the elevator- the elevator came and as he walked away I said lovingly, "ryan your are a (ch)tramp" Somehow in my tiredness my "ch" came out as a "tr" so instead of calling this wonderful counselor a champ is came our as a tramp. He stopped. looked at me. and we both busted up laughing as I hurriedly got on the elevator to escape my mistake.

7. In Kirtland, things did not go as planned. correction. things weren't planned. the schedule they gave us allowed 10 minutes to make a 90 minute drive and an hour to travel just down the road. We did all we could to rework a schedule that would make everything still work, however, it meant that breakfast was at 6 30, and morning side would start at 7 30. So James at the end of FHE got up to explain how the next day would work. I have never heard anyone make waking up, and walking up big hills sound soooo enjoyable. I was in the back literally laughing out loud as he told the kids they would get to partake in a "nutritional experience." I have never been so grateful he was my co.

8. our new favorite game as a BC team is the "haha" game where you lay on the floor with your heads on each others stomachs. we all immediately start laughing. it normally stems from us all being exhausted and laying down on the cold tile floor as seen below.

I could go on an on listing the funny moments that are making this summer so enjoyable. It has been great, and I am sure more funny moments are on the way...

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