Friday, July 13, 2012

thank you mr. police man..

this one time i got pulled over. twice. in one day.


i would like to justify my actions.

1. it was a SPEED TRAP. that sneaky little police man. i was going 54. 54 on a free way, it didnt feel fast at all. I was confused when i got pulled over. Officer Exile (i thought it was funny because he was "exiled" to traffic) walked out in the middle of the road, pointed to me and to the side of the road. While I sat there I thought maybe I had a flat tire as he looked at the car... wishful thinking. I was going 54 in a 45 which really was a 55 but because of construction, and it was changing back to 55 in 100 yards! mary and I laughed. i felt slightly depressed thinking of how much it was going to cost, and then realized there was nothing I could do so I continued driving using cruise control and not speeding in the slightest. so as he hands me my ticket what comes out of my mouth... thats right "thank you"... i thanked him for giving me a ticket...who am i? my politeness didn't pay off, and I now have a hefty ticket to pay. sneaky policeman.

2. i was overly careful all day. no speeding for me anymore. no sir. so we have had a four hour meeting to set up the session, driven forever and a half away for dinner and to find a walmart. (side note: ohio is amish country! it is the best thing in the world... they have signs saying "please share the road" with a horse and buggy on it. AND they have horse and buggy parking lots. life complete!) we came back, dropped something off at the Hiram Inn and then we made our way the two blocks to our dorms. I came to the turn, turned on my blinker, slowed, saw a police car waiting to come out onto the road and then turned. I wasnt speeding.. no problem. FLASHING LIGHTS. what the. Meet our non automatic lights that I always forget to turn them on for the first three blocks- which presents a problem when you only travel two. the policeman was very nice and we chatted, and I explained, and he simply looked at my ID and gave me a warning. the whole time mary is DYING in the seat next to me.

so I have given up driving. no more. oh wait, mary lost her license so she i am stuck with a sign on my forehead saying 'pull me over' and no one else to drive. bahumbug.

this post sounds way grumpy. i promise it was funny. and that im not grumpy.

oh yes, and happy friday the 13th.

and congratulations to my brother Jonathan, who defended his dissertation today and PASSES!! we officially have a doctor in the family...

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