Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An adventure to start an adventure.

Im in LONDON!! it is so surreal to be here. I guess I was just expecting it to feel different, kind of like you do on your sixteenth birthday, but it never does. Its always just a normal day, but with celebration. Thats how London feels. Its just a normal town, but with lots of changes. Im still the same person, i wasnt magically enlightened by London ways. But getting here was an adventure...hold on to your britches here we go.

9 20. leave provo for the airport. thanks nate once again for taking me.
10 30. find out my flight was delayed and and will now get to texas at 6 for a 5 50 connection. flight switched.
2 00. board flight to dallas/fort worth
5 20. arrive in texas, realize i could have made my flight, and am very depressed about the switched flight and now having to wait until 7 40 for the next flight.
7 00. flight attendent calls for volunteers to be bumped. ellie volunteers. and then finds out current flight is delayed until 8 30
8 00. "elizabeth jane hall" is called over the loud speaker. was asked to be bumped. give 400 dollars for American Airlines and upgraded to business class.
8 01- 9 00. ellie giggles happily
10 00. board flight to london in the most amazing seats ever.

8 1/2 hours later arrived in london

RIght after we found out we were bumped. we were soooo excited! i giggled a lot.

in business class i could straighten my legs completely without touching the seat in front of me. also the seats would recline all the way. it was so comfy.

This guy was my favorite. he was the nicest and would bring us anything and everything.

Dinner was amazing! we had a salad with chicken and then four cheese ravioli and bread and then toped it off with ice cream. I could definitely get used to business class.

Once we got to london the adventure of customs and the tube began, and it was grand. Except ellie overpacked. Mom, you were right.

Once we made it to our flat we went on a walking tour to see where are classes would be. then went to dinner at nandos, picked up some groceries, jumped on the tube, and then went to the heart of london. It was beautiful! we saw parliament and big ben, westminster abbey, and the eye of london. It was wonderful. But happy jet lag. I am as sleepy as could be. Here are a few other picture highlights.

The cool wall at Nando's that was all pop cans. I loved it. We had way good chicken, as well as chips (french fries) and corn on the cob. It was delicious.

Big Ben how i love thee. Peter Pan teach me to fly please.

Cali and I at Westminister abbey. Its kind of dark, but i adore this girl. 

more of the minster

 double decker!! oh london how i love thee!

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