Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dear boys. Im not engaged.

Contrary to popular belief I am not engaged. In fact I am not even close.

Last night I was standing on the porch talking to some friends at a going away party when a boy in the ward approached me and said congratulations I hear you are getting married! Thinking he was being funny I laughed and then realized he was being serious. I spent the next little bit explaining that I in fact was not engaged, which you would think he would have realized based on the fact that i had no ring on my left hand- but alas he had not made the connection. After much discussion, I realized he was very justified in his thoughts that I was what made him come to this conclusion you ask. I blame my roommates.

Incident #1. 
Two Sundays ago, I was having a rough day- Nothing was necessarily wrong, I was just feeling a little blue. So I come back from family dinner, open the door, and become overwhelmed as all of my roommates and some friends in the ward start cheering, and hugging me. I just started laughing. Things like "yay ellie!" "you made it" "we missed you" "we love you" and all other kind things flew from their mouths to my ears. They had no clue I was feeling down, because that morning I had been chipper as could be. It was definitely one of those tender mercies. The door however was left open, and as this continued on for a good five minutes, it makes sense that someone might have thought I had just gotten engaged. After all why else would a group of girls be cheering one of there roommates and hugging. It makes complete sense. I just have ridiculously good roommates where that is a normal occurance.

Incident #2.
Last weekend I ran a 1/2 marathon. Yes, it was supposed to be a full, but after listening to the advice of my wise mother, I realized running a marathon with out properly training would be torture. The run was grand. A friend from work and I ran the whole thing together. The weather was perfect. And we never stopped running which was my goal. My darling mom came in from Chicago to cheer me on along the way. I have never been so excited to hear my name as I was when I would her yelling it from the side of the road. And did I mentioned she did this all on her birthday with a hurt knee. Talk about selfless. Anyways back to the story. So my wonderful roommates. I get back from being in Salt Lake for the last day and a half to find a "Congratulations Ellie!!" sign on my door. It made my day. I am amazed what homemade signs can do...but this one made my life! So it makes sense that he would think I was engaged...after all my roommates had cheered for me for five minutes and there was a congratulations sign on the door. But dont worry it gets even more convincing.

Incident #3.
I leave for london in...6 days...however at the 8 day mark my facebook status..oh facebook..said "8 days. Family in Town. Oh happy day." So another friend of the male assortment commented something along the lines of 'I didnt realize you were getting married in 8 days" which was comical because he knew i was not getting married...however to a boy who already things you are engaged this would solidify the fact that I was engaged. Throw in the fact Ive been seen with the same boy multiple times. and pooof you have one engaged ellie. But besides being engaged in a good cause (haha cheesy) i am in no way engaged.

Side note: If anyone is reading this, and wishes to change this fact. The ring below is my absolute favorite in case you were wondering. joke. well i really do love it. anyways. happy day.

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  1. Ellie! I found your blog! And I do Read it and love it! You are so stinkin cute!! the funniest thing about this post was I can imagine it all happening right in front of me just as if I was still living at the Colony with you still!

    Love ya,

    P.S. Still jealous that you get to go to London!