Saturday, April 30, 2011

bare essentials

This morning Cali and I woke up bright and early to make our way over to hyde park for a new saturday tradition- running the perimeter of the park. It is a little over 6 km to run around the whole not miles, dont worry when i mapped it i was way impressed with how far we went in 54 minutes with stopping to look at monuments and such, but it ended up being only 4ish miles. But our new tradition is to do the same run every saturday we can and work on getting our time down. But along the way we passed by some amazing things and we were way sad we didnt have our we will soon start jogging photography like they do in "Yes Man". but highlights of what we passed: a memorial for the bombing of the tube on june 7, 2005, the coolest water fountain in the world, the beautiful river we had gone reading at the night before, a ferris wheel, a merry go round, a memorial park for princess diana, and the most beautiful trees ever! I love the trees sooo much!

We then came home and quickly got ready for the day and then were off to Portobello road, which is one of the largest outdoor markets ive ever seen. It was amazing! We had a huge group together but as soon as we hit the market everyone was gone. Luckily i had cali and we stuck to each other like glue. Portobello was amazing though- i loved it lots and lots...enter pictures to help explain...

On the walk through the park towards Portobello Road. It was wonderful and perfect weather!

we passed these beautiful homes on the walk and i adored them. They were so quaint and lovely, one day i will live there and will be the happiest girl in the world.

One of the street performers. This guy was my favorite. You can look him up on you tube, his name is robbie boyd.

We saw this little crepe stand on the side of the road and got really really excited so we had to get some. I got strawberry and nutella and cali got banana and nutella. It was delicious but very tricky to eat. Unfortunately for me, a good portion of my nutella ended up on my lap. Luckily i was wearing jeans so it was harder to tell, and was able to come home and change, but i was a little embarassed. Here is a video of us attempting to eat our crepes (pre ellie spilling)

*so unfortunately it wont let me upload the video but you can see in on my facebook page... sorry about that*

Did you see that pub in the background that we "didn't go into"? we ended up going in there for cali to use the restroom, they don't have many public restrooms and where i could try to wash off the nutella.

we then hit the food portion of portobello, which all looked amazing. we hadnt known it was coming when we got our crepes which was slighly sad, but i loved the crepe so it was all okay. It just means we will have to be back next saturday to eat more food!

This is the place we will be going next saturday! It smelled sooo amazing. They had jamacian food cooking in those huge "vats" (i dont know what you would call it) but it looked amazing and smelled even better.

This was my heaven. I absolutely love hair things. But no worries, i didnt buy any. the only this we bought were scarfs. 3 for 5 pounds. Cali and I split the deal, she got a pink one, and i got a blue one and a green one. Ive already worn the blue one twice i love it.

There were so many falafel places and it made me think of my mom. She likes falafel a lot. Mom, if i could i would buy you some and mail it home to you..but i highly doubt it would still taste good. I guess you will just have to come visit me.

This is for my brother matt. good work graduating from law school brother-o-mine, your the best.

So this one time my sister was getting rid of clothes and gave me a cardigan that i loved more than anything in the world. It is green and has lace and i adore it. Well when a friend admired it and asked where i got it i had to text her. her answer. london. well thats tricky for her. but guess what...yes above you can see the stall that sells the lovely cardigans. I might come home with the same cardigan in 5 different cardigans.

Cali looking adorable in a british hat. One of our goals is to get a hat, however im not sure if i would ever wear it and then that would be a waste of money. maybe i will just have to start going to the races and other high class places.

A look at the craziness of portobello market. i love it.

So this one time brits drive on the wrong side of the road. or just the other side of the road and it is so very confusing. I know i will eventually get used to it, but i feel like that day will never come. However they are the smartest people ever and write on the road so you know what way to look. Thank you britain for helping me not get killed.

On the way home from portobello we went on a little adventure going down a cobblestone road that was filled with the most quaint houses. This one was my favorite with the bikes outside! however because i wasnt paying attention we ended up missing our turn and getting lost. but what a better place to be lost in that beautiful london. after wandering for a bit we got on the nearest tube stop and took it home. We were so happy to get home after being on our feet literally all day. it must have been close to 10 miles run/walked by the end of the day. phew.

after our lovely morning we headed back to hyde park to do the reading we had to for class. i know, who does homework while in london. we do, thats who. But i actually really enjoyed the play. its called alls well that ends well by shakespeare and it has the craziest plot ever. im impressed shakespeare. good work. Helena the main character loves Betram but he doesnt love her. but she makes him marry her because she helps the king and he says she can have whomever she wants. but then he goes to war so he doesnt have to be her husband once married, and she follows him to italy and plots with the girl he is now interested in and tricks him into sleeping with her (being helena) and gets her pregnant. and its just crazy. but i dont understand why she wants to be with someone who doesnt want to be with her. if there is one thing i have learned in life its that i want someone who wants and adores me. Why would you want to trick someone into being with you. Helena's character was just so fascinating to me. But i realized she was experience eros (a type of love) which you can have even if it is not reciprocated.

while there i couldnt help but take a break for a galaxy chocolate bar. im in love. but no worries i am trying to limit myself. i realize saying no chocolate would never work, never ever. but i am allowed to eat one the days i go running and i got the fun size. im in love with none american chocolate. love love love.

there are these things that i like to call "fluff fluffs" that are constantly falling from the sky (or trees) and makes it looks like it is snowing spring. however, the make allergies not the most fun thing in the world. cali was the luckiest and had a chorus of sniffles while she read. My nose decided it would be fun to run a marathon and it was on a mission to get first. Luckily for me, my roommate lauren gave me some allergy medicine. she is lovely.

another adventure while at the park was getting welcomed to the nudist scene in europe. because it was such a beautiful day people were in the park enjoying the weather and soaking up the sun, but one woman took it a little farther and was there sun bathing without a top on. cali and i were shocked and then giggled. it was comical, and thought provoking. I couldnt ever imagine doing that, but i guess that is how they have been raised. they dont see it as wrong. it is just shocking to us americans.

next on the days list of events was going to see the tempest at the little angel theater. It was a child's play and they used puppets for ariel and caliban. it was so well done. it was in a very small theater and our group probably took up half the theater. the actors did an amazing job! they mixed the play with a music under theme and they did a good job of using song to describe what was going on for the kids. the actors played multiple parts and my favorite was the one who was stephano. he was hysterical! and i adored him. we lingered outside just talking after the show and the actors came out and i so badly wanted a picture with him, but i felt like it might have been a little awkward so i refrained myself. unfortunately though i fell asleep during the middle of the play. it was awful. i feel like every time i sit down i fall asleep. but amber (who i was sitting next to) was a doll and nudged me and then i broke out some trail mix to try to stay awake.

we then jumped on the tube and headed home to finish up some homework before sunday. and there was the most amazing performer who was playing music and just being hysterical. he of course was playing elvis. random, yes. but he was joking with us that hundreds of people dont make him nervous, but one camera does. he was grand.

elly, cali, and I then quickly stopped by the grocery store on our walk back and i grabbed some juice because i was craving it for some random reason and elly wanted a magnum bar. the walk home was grand just talking and all getting to know each other. it was amazing. but in our talking elly was telling us that mcdonalds have cadbury egg mcflurries and then cali and i started wanting them really really bad. like real bad. so we started asking everyone where the nearest mcdonalds was but no one knew. and then we looked it up when we got home and there is one right by the high street kensignton tube stop but after much debate deciding to go and then changing our mind, we decided to save it for another night. so added to the list of things to do...cadbury mcflurries.

i also got to skype with my parents which was wonderful. i love them lots and lots. but for some reason i have had this terrifying fear that my dad is going to suddenly die. so it was wonderful to see him alive and kicking and he promised me that he wouldnt die. i sure hope he keeps his promise.

the end of my crazy but lovely saturday.

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