Thursday, April 28, 2011

A foggy day in london town...

Adventure Day 2...
Today was a wonderful, wonderful day. With only a spout of homesickness...dumb home, why are you so grand that I miss you. But a short recap of the day...

- woke up and went running with Cali in Hyde Park. It was beautiful! the park was so green and the air so crisp I loved it. I am excited for many more morning runs there. Cali was a champ though...she had woken up feeling way sick and throwing up and still went running. if it was me and would have stayed in bed and complained all day. but we did it! and it was amazing. We walked a good amount, which is understandable, but it was perfect.

- after that headed to class where i felt like i had nothing to add. I wish I was more versed in shakespeare. I felt like i didnt catch any of the amazing connections because i was trying so hard to figure out the plot. During the second half my tiredness started to kick in and i couldnt stay awake, but other than that I havent felt any jet lag which has been amazing! this is when i started to feel homesick. I just missed the comfort of home, and was feeling overwhelmed thinking i would be going nonstop. But then our shakespeare teacher put up a quote from a song that said "Be here, now" and it was just perfect to help me refocus on the amazing fact that im in london!

 -after class the adventure continued to primark which is a store similar to forever 21 but times it by 20 and drop the prices 70 percent. It was grand. I got two hair things...both a pound. a watch. also a pound. and a kate middleton mock ring...happy cheesy wedding souvenir. it was packed though! i have never been so overwhelmed by a clothing store! Cali was my little buddy so we didnt get separated and lost. I am truly learning how convenient having a cell phone is, and how inconvenient not having one is. but it will be good to learn to get along with out one

Cali, Cami, and Lauren waiting in line at primark. oh blessed store. we will be going again someday and hope it is not as crowded. 

- we then jumped on the tube (we are pros now) and jetted over to buckingham palace to walk around. I was amazed by the number of people who had already set up camp for the royal wedding! oh brother! Some girls are heading out now to get a spot (its around midnight). I am being lame and sleeping and then watching it in hyde park in the morning. but on the way we decided to get a workout by taking the stairs instead of the legs will hate me in the morning.

104 stairs to the top...we then did it a few other times with only 63 and 53 stairs. but yay for getting a work out, as if walking around london wasnt enough. yay team

Parliament is my favorite. It is so beautiful and so british!

Cali and Carli in King James' Gardens- we walked through the gardens to get to the palace. Along the way we stopped for water bottles...i realized i was crazy dehydrated, so i spend a whopping 1.5 pounds for a water bottle. 

 When we got close to the palace we started seeing the people camped out. It was crazy! and amazing! oh the dedication!

 Beautiful Buckingham

- next on our crazy day was the theater district. our plan was to see les mis tonight but a quick shift in plans after getting there. we stopped for dinner at a little Chinese buffet...all the theaters are in and around chinatown. It was only 5 pounds for all you can and considering it was the first thing we had really eaten all day we got our moneys worth. The food wasnt amazing but it wasnt bad, what can you expect for five pounds...but their bathroom was the best. It was in the basement and was as creepy as could be- mainly just the door going into it.

Here is the sink. I liked the bowl look, but as you can see in the reflection i was very worried about it.

Here are the toilets, a little creepy, but they get the job done. London is not known for having public bathrooms. Thank you America for all of your restrooms, they are wonderful!

Here is the lovely Mr. Wu's we saw another Mr. Wu's whose buffet cost 7 pounds, it was curious.

But as aforementioned we ended not going to Les Mis but rather Mamma Mia! It was amazing! we decided to hit up les mis another night that wasnt as busy, and were very happy with are choice! Mamma Mia was amazing! I have never been so happy or engaged watching a show. It was a little scandalist at points, welcome to london, but the choreography was amazing! and the woman who played donna was spectacular! I want to be able to sing like that when im older. At the end the whole crowd was up dancing along as they put on a mini concert of some of the songs. I couldnt help but have a huge grin on my face the whole time!

Cali, Cami, and I outside before the show. 

 During intermission. Notice our huge grins! it is because it was that amazing!! bah I loved it.

Anywho...tomorrow will be full of more wonderful adventures including the ROYAL WEDDING! oh brother. until then. cheerio

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