Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Wedding...

That's right. Today Kate Middleton and Price William tied the knot. It was wonderful. We ventured across the street into Hyde Park to experience the nuptials. It was wonderful, and felt slightly like the fourth of july. Everyone was waving flags and watching it on a big jumbotron. It was so neat to be able to be a part of such a major event in history. I will forever be able to say I was in London for the Royal Wedding. I was amazed at how much alcohol there was. It is such a part of their culture, it is just a little shocking at times, but it does make for some interesting people watching. There was one group who were absolutely plastered, and were dressed very oddly. Some had top hats and their faces were painted, and one girl was wearing a wedding gown. I wish I had taken a picture.

At the wedding in Hyde Park. You can see the screens in the back ground.

We then came home and took naps. While we had thought we had combatted the dreaded jet lag we had merely delayed the effects. But hopefully the nap did the trick. After naptime we went to the grocery store to get food. it was so interesting to shop at a foreign store. while very similar it did have its differences. We then came home and discussed a list of things we wanted to do while in london and made a tentative plan for tomorrow, and then once again headed over to hyde park to read "Alls well that ends well" we read for a bit until a car came and told us the park was closing, at which point we headed home.

I love just walking through Hyde Park, it is beautiful!

 Off trying to find a place to read

This was the winner, it was beautiful.

 Reading by the statue of Jenner, he was contemplating Shakespeare as well

At home i ate dinner, which I had gotten at the store earlier while bonding with some of the other girls in the group. I love the group we have. Everyone is so kind, friendly, and relaxed. It is wonderful. If ever someone is doing something they tell everyone so whomever wants to join can. Speaking of which, I was then planning on finishing and reading and getting to bed early but a group was headed to gelato, and who can refuse gelato. I got a mix of hazelnut and chocolate and it was splendid.

It is dangerous having foubert's less than a half mile away from our flat

Chelsey, Cami, Elly, and I eating our scrumptious gelato.

ps something i forgot to mention is that while we were walking to hyde park we had to cross the street, and while doing so there was a police officer holding traffic. as we were crossing two other police men came on motorcycles so we had to hurry quickly to get across safely- but the reason for all the police were that they were escorting members of the royal family in vans! the vans passed and we saw lots of people with amazing hats on. so that is my claim to fame. the end.

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  1. that is so incredible that you were IN London for the wedding, so exciting!!!!