Monday, October 10, 2011

the feeling of being loved.

I dont know if anything can beat the feeling of being loved.

The feeling you get when you are with your family. When you are sick and your mom will let you lay with your head on her lap as she plays with your hair. Kisses you forehead. A random text from a friend saying they miss you. Someone who will listen. A kind note. Someone yelling your name across campus. A father complimenting you. A brother telling you you are wonderful.

It is wonderful.

Today I went to church with a friend. She is trying to convince me to move into her apartment, and told me to see how her ward was. The whole time I was there I kept thinking about what I was missing in my ward. I thought of the people I wasn't seeing, the announcements I wasn't hearing, and the roommates I was deserting. I couldn't help but wonder if anyone who notice I wasn't there. Had I made a mark in the ward? would I be missed?

I went to our "break the fast" and was shocked when the first person I saw asked where I had been. Person after person noticed I hadn't been at church. Remember that feeling of being loved. check. I went from liking my ward to loving my ward in a matter of seconds. It ended up being a perfect Sunday. and it was a perfect fall day. perfection.

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  1. My favorite thing in the world is when my mom lets me put my head in her lap and she plays with my hair. I fully admit to driving the 2 hours to home drive just for that.