Sunday, October 2, 2011

Locked Out of Conference

I have failed at blogging this week. I sincerely apologize because I know you are all just dying to know every last detail and funny story of my life.

Last weekend was General Conference. It was splendid. Speaker after speaker brought the Spirit and spoke precious truths.

Friday, after the game, Cami and I went up to her house in Riverton. There is something about being in a home that is so comforting. We both were exhausted and feel right asleep, and then woke up for the first session of conference in the morning. Nothing beats being curled up with a blanket on the couch watching conference.

After the first session, we quickly got ready, and headed up to Salt Lake to see if we could get tickets to get in. I had never held up fingers for tickets so I didnt think it would work. As we were standing on the corner I saw the lovely Sister Kimberly Mullen. I must have scared those around me as i yelled and ran and hugged her! Oh how I miss that girl! She is so wonderful, and such a great missionary. We stood on the corner, fingers raised, talking to Sister Mullen and her companion- when miracle of miracles a kind woman came up and gave us two tickets.

We hurried and tried to find the end of the line in the midst of thousands of people, but to little avail. Eventually, we made it in line- and waited as we inched towards the doors. Finally, we made it inside. is 2:06. Conference had started. We ran to where our seats were, but it was full. They told us to try the terrace. We ran up the stairs. full. balcony. full. We were locked out. I couldn't help but think of the story of the 10 virgins. We were late, and because of that we werent going to be able to see the prophet. We made out way quickly across temple square and into the tabernacle to watch the broadcast, feeling slightly downtrodden.

Even though we didn't get in, it was still wonderful to be on temple square.

The rest of saturday was filled with a roommate night. Cafe Rio for the fourth time in two weeks. I have a problem. and rock canyon park. it was wonderful. We had a photo shoot with the sun making us silhouettes, and threw rocks at the metal container (it sounds like star wars). it was a party to say the least.

After our roommate bonding time, I got a text from an old friend from work, asking if I was up for an adventure. My answer: "of course!" Our adventure. Cornbellys with his two neices. It was a wonderful night- it felt like we were playing house. They laughed as I freaked out in the haunted house, and I was amazed by their speed on the bikes. The night ended with Allison getting hurt on the tractor ride. Her leg got stuck between the tire and the step while she was trying to jump on while it was moving. She was the bravest 11 year old ever. I dont think I would have been as brave as her.

Sunday was filled with another great day of conference at Matt and Keri's. It was fun to watch conference with family, and come up with ways to entertain the kids. I can remember the days of being little and hating having to sit through hours and hours of conference. I dont know when it changed, but i now love it more than anything.

It is amazing how fast the weekend flies with conference, but it was wonderful!

*pictures to come*

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