Friday, October 28, 2011

Forever and Almost Always

there is nothing like back posting. so here I go a week later... it tends to happen in my life where everything happens on the same night. March 12, 2011 was probably the worst day ever for overbooking. I think I had three things I HADE to be at all at the same time. It was a great lesson on priorities. EFY training beat out the rest. So this lovely friday evening consisted of a lovely work party that I helped plan, watching the football game with a friend, or a Parachute concert in SLC. The concert won, hands down. Rachel texted me earlier this week to invite me, and after much deliberation i decided a night out of Provo and away from the normal things of my life was much needed.

I rode up to the concert with Whitney, Rachel's sister. It was wonderful! I had met her a few times while over at Rachel's but I had never really gotten to know her. It was great to have one on one time with her to make our friendship more than "Oh she is the sister of my friend." With the lovely utah construction we had even more time to talk as we were stuck in traffic. We got to the concert and much to my surprise I saw Kate Voegele's name on the sign as well. I went from being kind of excited to very VERY excited.

The concert itself was wonderful, the music was great, and the performance was captivating. The only thing that would have made it better is if parachute had played forever and always. but alas they did not. I also learned that I am a midget. one of the many times i wished i was taller was at the concert and i craned my neck left and right to try to see the stage. oh to be tall.

the ride back down was wonderful and gave me a chance to talk to rachel, which is always a pleasure. She is such an example to me of having a positive attitude during hard times and keeping the faith. She is an amazing friend to have, and i was reminded of that as we drove back to provo. overall the night was a winner.

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