Thursday, October 6, 2011

under appreciated.

have you ever felt under appreciated? im not saying i am the bees knees, or that i am the best thing since sliced bread... but i hate not getting recognition when i feel it is deserved. today was that day at work.

Yesterday we (megan, brynn, and I) went to the new bluebell ice cream parlor to celebrate two years of working at student services. It has been a great two year, and I have made lasting friendships, but I cant help but feel that I am stagnant. Two years, and I am in the exact same position as when I was hired. I cant help but contrast it with EFY where I was constantly progressing and moving up.

True, I did leave for Spring and Summer this last year- but I still feel like I am not progressing, and being given the opportunity to progress.

A lot things added together made today my breaking point. I left work feeling frustrated, and done. So I did something crazy. I considered applying for a new job.

I feel like I have no idea where my life is headed, but I just keep moving forward. I applied for a new job, not sure if I will get hired, and not sure if I will take it. For the summer, I applied to work for EFY again this summer, but I am also applying to the Jerusalem center. I figure I might as well apply so I have options.

Funny story of the day: My roommate, Anne, and I are "off" sugar. Im not doing such a great job, but when I am around her I make sure to be strong so I can be a good support system. Yesterday, I got home, feeling as frustrated as could be and just wanted a few M&M's...yes, i have no self control. But Anne, and I were both making lunch in the kitchen, and i couldn't negate our "no sugar" by eating it in front of her. She left to borrow something from our neighbors and i used it as an opportunity for the much needed sugar. I grabbed a hand full, heard one drop, looked for the evidence, couldnt find it, figured it had rolled under the dishwasher I went on my merry way. I came back a few minutes later to check on my noodles, and they were turning blue! I had a brief moment of panic before I remembered the dropped m&m. It had landed right in the pot. I quickly fished out the now white m&m, drained the water, and replaced it with a new 4 cups. However, the moment was too funny, I had to share it with Anne. She laughed and laughed as I explained my weakness and the karma i had experienced. I am happy to say that my noodles did not taste like candy coating. but it made a frustrating day much better.

The night was filled with the gym, and then a singer/songwriter competition at the muse with megan. Her  editor, Court, was performing. Jesse was supposed to come along, but a message saying he was in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder explained his absence.

While my future is up in the air, the day ended wonderfully.

*Shout out to Michael and Rachel who have been married 6 years today!

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  1. Look for a TA or RA job! Then you can build skills and knowledge while getting paid.