Friday, October 14, 2011


I am constantly shocked i am not 500 pounds because I LOVE food. Especially good food. However being in college, poor, and extremely busy means my meals normally consist of "rice sides" or cold cereal. Very nutritious. Recently on pinterest (yes, I have become addicted with the rest of the female population) I see delicious looking thing after delicious looking thing. I have these moments where I forget I dont have time to cook and think of all the yummy things I am going to make. Reality quickly sets in when another night of rice comes to pass.

But exciting things of this week. It has been the week of delicious lunches. On tuesday a friend from freshman year and I went to the moa for lunch. The turkey harvest croissant made its way onto my plate. I could eat that every day and it would never get old. Who knew apples on a sandwich could be so good. Wednesday Megan and I went to the pendulum court for lunch. Neither of us had ever been, and she was writing a story on the theme day they were having. It was Rock n' Roll. I had the "I wanna hold your hamburger"  a gourmet hamburger that was absolutely amazing! Thursday was the moa again. We didnt have staff meeting so Megan and I decided to go to lunch to fill the extra hour. I branched out and got a chicken pot pie. It was the perfect choice for a fall day.

Moral of the story. I have spent too much money on food this week, but it  has been well worth it!

Here is megans article from the daily universe. She is amazing!

Pendulum Court holds Rock ‘n’ Roll Day

It's both the rotation of the earth and the bass beat that make this pendulum swing

Oct 12, 2011 by
Pendulum Court, the restaurant in the Eyring Science Center run by dietetics students, held a rock ‘n’ roll themed lunch on Wednesday as a way to attract more customers.
The restaurant featured “I Wanna Hold Your Handburger,” a gourmet burger stuffed with feta cheese and sun-dried tomatoes, and topped with mozzarella cheese, as its main dish. Sides such as “Jimi Hendrix’s Bleeding Heart,” a chilled fruity soup, and “Carry On My Wayward Scone,” a cinnamon and chocolate chip scone, were available as well.

'Sweet Dreams Are Made of This Cookie' and other rock-n-roll themed foods were on the menu at Pendulum Court on Wednesday.

Katie Aston, a post-graduate dietetics intern from Salt Lake City, was one of the interns in charge of the theme day. She said the restaurant likes to hold theme days twice a semester to have fun and attract new customers. To choose the theme, the interns started with the idea of a gourmet burger.
“We’ve seen a lot of trends toward gourmet burgers,” Aston said. “We wanted to do a burger, and thought the rock ‘n’ roll theme would fit that really well, and everything just kind of fell into place after that.”
All items on the menu were prepared from scratch, and recipes were developed specifically for the event. To begin, the interns came up with two different burgers, then had a taste panel decide which was better. After that, they had to rework the recipe, which was originally made in a small batch, to make enough for 150 burgers. A similar process occurred for all menu items.
Madeline Lindberg, a junior from Valencia, Calif., in the dietetics program, was managing Pendulum Court. She said although the atmosphere in a preparation meeting was more stressful than usual due to the high number of reservations, the kitchen atmosphere was more fun because they played music, and workers were allowed to wear a band T-shirt.
“Coming into the day I was a little stressed because I was thinking that this was a theme day, and it has to be good,” Lindberg said. “But really everything was so well prepared … it was actually fun today.”
Students attending Pendulum Court agreed it was a fun way to spend lunch. Ellie Hall, a senior from Chicago majoring in family life, said she had never been there before, but loved it.
“The food was delicious,” Hall said. “It might win out for my favorite place to eat on campus … I loved having the Beatles serenade me while I read trivia facts about different rock ‘n’ roll icons.”
Although Pendulum Court is less known on campus, many students agree it is a place that should not be missed, no matter if it is a theme day or not.
“I can’t believe I waited four years to go to Pendulum Court,” Hall said.

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