Friday, October 14, 2011

its the most wonderful time of the year.

christmas is just around the corner, but after yesterday i might have to disagree that christmas is the best time of the year. Dont get me wrong, I am a Christmas enthusiast. I love the snow, the lights, the decorations, the magic. But fall with its crisp air, changing leaves, golden skies, and "jacket weather" might win out.

An old friend and I drove the Alpine Loop today. It was perfection. It is a road that winds up the mountains, showing the autumn leaves in all their splendor. The windows were rolled down and the air smelled so fresh. We made our way up to Cascade Springs which might be one of my favorite places on this earth. I showed him my "thinking bridge" and made him sit with me as we watched the water rush underneath us. Rascal Flatts serenaded us on the way home. I couldnt stop smiling. My cheeks started to hurt because of it. I was amazed how perfect life was, even if just for a moment.

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