Friday, September 2, 2011

nothing better.

life is pretty great, im not gonna lie. There is a joy that can come just from being alive. I love it. It is so easy to get down in the dumps, to feel lonely or overwhelmed- but honestly nothing beats the opportunity to live. It is amazing what the small moments can do to make life so much better.

There is nothing better than...

- walking in and having your 18 month nephew run up to you can stick his arms up. Picking him up and having him give you the cutest hug ever. pat on back included.

-sleeping with the windows open and having to use your covers. fall is in the air folks, and i love it. i love sleeping cold. morgan will attest to this- Nauvoo EFY our room was an ice box and i was in heaven. but having to pay for your own electctricity makes sleeping cold a far off dream- except when mother nature loves you. thank you mother nature

- making new friends, and becoming better friends with the ones you already have

- game nights.

-the smell of the pavement when it starts to rain on a hot night

- seeing old friends. there is something that makes you feel so special when someone sees you and their face lights up. and its not because you are holding a big ice cream cone, they are happy just because you are in the presence. it is amazing.

- late night talk with friends. even if it means you get to bed later than planned. i love the conversations that are more than "whats your major" or "how was your summer". while these are great, and i am pro at them. The moments where you really open up with someone else, and they open up to you are priceless. I could sit there all day while someone tells me stories of their life, their fears, their worries. 

- sister-in-laws.

- movies in the park. while the season has come to an end, those showings in the park make me feel like im living in a movie. i love being part of something bigger than just me. in many senses of the word. but these movies remind me of the fourth of july. the whole city comes out to be together and play. i love it.

- having friends at work. work is great and money is even better. but having friends you work with makes it even better. it is three hours you are paid to build better relationships, that is, when the phones not ringing.

- roommates. mine are pretty great. especially when they listen to me vent and then make me a smoothie in the morning to make me feel better. really? amazing!

- someones face when you give them a compliment. or the feeling you get when someone compliments you. honestly, compliments make the world a happier place folks.

i could go on forever. life is great. if i had to go back i would relive the pain, the hurt, the disappointment that comes with life. because if not my life wouldnt be what it is today. i think the only reasons we ever have regrets is because we are not happy where we are. while there are still things i want to improve in my life- for this moment i am happy, and hope that joy will only increase.

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