Thursday, January 12, 2012

ive been hoppin for the last 45 minutes...

friends. how i love friends.

rachel morgan and I finally got together after having not all been together since efy. (Morgan had the audacity to go to DC for an interniship) we met halfway (rachel had moved to salt lake) at thanksgiving point where I ran quickly into a friends wedding reception before we went to din din. we had no plans on where to go, so our plan was to use the drive by and see what looks good. what was the winner you ask? IHOP. yes folks. IHOP was the winner. why? because I got overly excited about it (cate and I had for some reason really wanted to go over winter break).

the three of us with sami in MO. the lit up the marquee for us. That auditorium was the most beautiful thing of my life
our waiter loved us. he was the bestest. we had soo much fun. I dont know the last time I laughed that much. ironic moments with the smallness of the world, and life updates made the night perfect.

one of the wonderful moments of the night- we were discussing our sadness with rachel moving. we were talking about how you cant just hop over- you have to drive for 45 minutes and then what do you say "yo rach, ive been hoppin for the last 45 minutes" unfortunately it doesnt work that well.

moral of the story. i love those girls lots.

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