Sunday, January 15, 2012

new year. new "talents."

You know that feeling of "i should do that" but you just don't want to. meet blogging. the fact that I use it as my semi-journal gives me this feeling of obligation which then makes me try to avoid it. Which I think I have done a very good job of lately. I started a "happy 2012" post and I only made it halfway. Still unfinished. One day it will come. But exciting things of my life aka updates.

I learned how to quilt. Thank you youtube and for teaching me how to make a quilt. I had left over fabric from a project I had done forever ago, so the obvious thing was to "just make a quilt with the leftovers" there is no just in making a quilt. It took forever. Parts were so fun, other parts enjoyable, and other parts made me hate quilting and never want to do it again. The fact that I dont like making decisions made it even worse. Questions like "how big are you going to make it?" or "what fabric do you want for your border, backing, binding....." made me want to curl up in a corner and forget about the quilt. But after an hour at hobby lobby talking with Julie (the very nice worker woman) we finally made decisions. I also learned I hate basting. Thank you Cathy for doing that for me while I watched youtube videos on how to free motion quilt.

where i spent my Christmas break was spent
Free motion quilting. sounds way scary right. cathy was asking me lots of questions (which stresses me out) about how i was going to quilt it. If i was going tie it, or if I was going to hire someone to quilt it, or if I would do it myself. Considering I am cheap and dont like the way tying looks- so doing myself was the winner. as scared as i was- i loved it. love love loved it. add it to the list of new talents.

free motion quilting...woowhoo!
next talent. demolition and construction.

My brother and his wife just bought a new house in Orem. Well a new, old house. Meaning there are lots of projects and remodeling. I have filled my days with chipping away at concrete, painting a cold storage room, and using power tools. It has been wonderful! They have been nice enough to save the "fun" jobs for me. Next projects. Installing a toilet, and cutting drywall. To say im excited would be an understatement. Weird? Maybe.

what else does 2012 hold? hmmm maybe I will learn how to speak a new language....adios.

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