Thursday, January 19, 2012

pretty much the bestest parents ever.

William and Cate on their wedding day. note the similarity to Prince William and Kate Middleton
my parents are in town. i love them. well technically my dad left yesterday. they came in on Saturday because my nephew turned 12 and was receiving the priesthood. how did he get so old?? but it has been so wonderful having them in town. They are probably the most generous people ever. My dad filled my gas tank, replaced my headlight, replaces my windshield wipers, and helped me wax the scratches on my car. Not to mention they paid me to not go to work on Tuesday so I could play with them more. And by play I mean play while working on projects at Matt and Keri's. To continue on their generosity. My mom took Keri and I to Brick Oven on Monday for lunch. I got teary eyed I was so excited. Followed by Spicy Thai with the whole family on Tuesday for dinner. I also got teary eyed I was so excited. Yes food makes me that happy. Followed by a Mother Daughter date last night to Zupas. Yes, I know, their generosity is ridiculous.

The other day my mom was telling me about when her and my dad were engaged. She said she felt bad for her newly married sister because she only thought she was in love. My mom thought there had never been a love greater than her and my dad's love. I am very grateful to have two parents who love each other after 35 years of marriage. Especially in a world that doesn't value marriage. They are wonderful wonderful examples to me. Also check out my dad's sweet tux.
serendipity moment. On the list of things to do was another girl lunch date after work today. I have a cousin who recently moved down to Provo who I have yet to seen, so we decided it would be great if she was able to come. I texted her about it, but unfortunately she was going out of town in the morning. So as sorry, Cate and I were sitting talking at Zupas she just happened to walk in. We were able to sit and talk while she ate. It was one of those kind of perfect moments.

also to add to the reasons i love my dad. he dances with me. it is probably my favorite thing in the world. while we were at Matt and Keri's he grabbed my hands and started twirling me around the room. My little niece, Ari, just watched. I have to say my dad and I are pretty good dance partners. It could be that we have been practicing together for the last 21 years. but it still brings me as much joy now as it did when I was five.

My dad and I circa 1992. Check out that amazing handle bar mustache. He is a hoot!
take home message from this post: I love my parents.

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