Saturday, January 21, 2012

volleyball jammin

happy volleyball game. now that megan works for the paper our daily conversations have been cut down to monthly. So Megan, Miranda and I decided it was time for a reunion. tonight we went to the BYU v USC volleyball game. It was epic- for multiple reasons. One being it went all five games and at the end it was way too close for comfort. No worries, we won. Second reason was I won an iPod Shuffle.

How did this happen? It all came from knowing Jason Sanders. I walked in and yelled hello to him as he was working the game. A few minutes later I got a call, "Where are you sitting". He came and found us and asked if I wanted to win an iPod. My answer was "Of course!" So after the first game I played are you sharper than a cheese grater in front of everyone. A little nerve racking. Lucky for me the audience helped out a lot. The questions? Is Atlanta, Georgia located on the coast? False. Pluto was recently demoted to a...Dwarf Planet. Thank you BYU Athletics for the new iPod- it is perfect for running.

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