Wednesday, January 18, 2012

efy dreamin

All men of action are dreamers.
James Huneker

oh the efy dreams have started again. January. i think this is a new record. last night was an interesting night of sleep. I woke up probably about five times. But it was the- "oh yes! I get to go back to bed" type of waking up. Why was I waking up so much? Because I was late. In my dream I was in Batavia and had to get to a Sunday Night Devotional that was 2 hours away in fifteen minutes. It was awful. I woke up feeling scared and nervous and terrified for this summer. Don't get me wrong, it will be a great learning experience and Im excited. but still slightly terrified. oh yes did I mention that I am officially coordinating this year for efy. 9 weeks straight of my life will be spent jetting around the midwest with efy. It will be great. 

sad (but then exciting) story. in one of my awakened moments I reached for my phone to see what time it was and in the process knocked over the new jewelry tree I got for Christmas. luckily, only the jewelry I had worn the day before was on it. however, as I went to pick up the missing pieces my favorite ring from london was missing. The rose one. The one I went to portobello road to get after dreaming about it for a week. I spent the day distraught. But what was the first thing I did when I got home from a long day of classes and family time? you guessed it. a thorough search of my room. I am proud to say that I my efforts were not in vain. But seriously sleepy ellie is clumsy.

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