Monday, February 6, 2012

14 hours later...

happy efy training this weekend.

it was wonderful. correction WONDERFUL.

problem: i love all the other coordinators and want to work with them all, all summer long. our solution to the problem. we will become a new team rotating around as counselors, BCs, and coordinators. genius, right? wrong. but still a dream.

the people there are all wonderful. and such good examples to me of the person I want to be. I remember at one point being so happy. In that situation I was exactly the person I wanted to be. It amazes me how people bring out different sides of you. How being comfortable and safe brings out who you are. Challenge to self: be that person all the time.

the weekend was full of food, games, debriefing, and learning how to be a better leader and teacher. i might have left more nervous for the summer that when I got there. I have so much to do to prepare myself for the summer, but there is no day like today to start.

side note: this is the song I am listening to as I write this- it might be one of my favorites. enjoy.

other fun efy excitement: on sunday we were invited to Greg Tanner's (the director of EFY) house for waffles. three of us coordinators went. slightly awkward at first. but wonderful to go. It was great to just talk to him one on one and then the group of us. we talked about how he got involved with EFY and then about the youth of the church. How difficult it is to keep the standards and stay strong in the gospel no matter where you live. moral of the story: the youth of the church are amazing.

countdown to chicago: 11 days.

oh this is the good life!

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