Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I am proud to say that I know the best female ping-pong player at BYU. yes folks, that's right. I have friend's in high places.

the beautiful Maggie Sigler competed in BYU's Ping Pong Tournament and she dominated. I felt slightly bad for the boy she beat not once, but twice (it was double elimination). After that he cheered harder for her than I did. It was great to go and cheer her on. Did I avoid taking a test to go...yes. Did I miss a CAG meeting because of it...yes. Was it worth it to be there to cheer...yes!

Most intense part. Maggie and Matt's game for the championship. Friends faced off. it was epic. the score was 10-10. i didnt know what to do with my life. (you can tell how intense it was based on matt's walk away from the table during the game). Matt won at the last second. but it was wonderful!

Other random tidbits.

I had a water drinking competition with a friend. 110 ounces later, I won. However, I learned that drinking an entire water bottle before sitting in an hour long class is not the smartest thing in the world. What spurred this random competition, you ask. Well folks I realize I fail at drinking water and I am constantly dehydrated. Not healthy. Plus did you know half the time you are hungry you are actually thirsty. Amazing right.

Have you ever made a connection months later that blows your mind. Quick tangent story time. Tori (older sister's best friend growing up) has had this friend Maddie that I have heard about for the last forever. They went to EFY together and life was just great. I think I can even remember her coming to Chicago once and meeting her. Nate (boy I dated once upon a time) has a roommate Stu who has been dating and now is engaged to a girl named Maddie. Don't worry after 6 months of knowing her, and after years of hearing about Maddie. today the connection was made that they were one in the same. I freaked out for a good 10 minutes.

Dinner groups are the best thing ever. but really. Delicious home-cooked meals every night Monday through Thursday and you only cook once every two weeks. its perfect. but while the meals are wonderful, and not having to cook every night is grand, my favorite part might be having a group of people to eat with every night. People to talk to. Oh dinner groups how I love thee.

Swimming. there is something about swimming that I just love. It might be staring at the bottom of the pool. Or the feeling of being surrounded by water. It might be the complete exhaustion I feel with no pain. It might be that for thirty minutes my mind goes blank, or that I feel like I am doing something with my life, or that I strengthen relationships by going with people. It might be all of those things. This Tuesday when we went we saw one of the most inspirational guys ever. He must have weighed only 80 pounds, his body was literally skin and bones. Looking at him you could tell that physically something was wrong, and that he had struggled with health. Yet he hurled his body through the water. It was amazing to watch him just go and go and go. It seemed constant that he was swimming. I would stop and catch my breath, let my body rest, but I never once noticed him stopped. It was amazing. He was amazing.

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