Saturday, February 11, 2012

Escaping Provo.

Do you ever have those days that you have no motivation to do anything. Meet my Saturday. It just felt like a perfect lazy day- even though it was beautiful weather outside. I remember thinking around 4 o'clock that I had done nothing with my day and was feeling like the laziest person ever. In telling my roommate this she asked me what I had done... my response: went to kneaders with efy friends, talked with roommates and Michael Ted, went to Walmart to get a birthday card, stopped by Matt and Keri's, and watched half a t.v. show. Oh- not lazy. hmph. Why was I feeling so bummish? I was still mozying around the house when I felt like I just needed to get up and do something. So I grabbed a book and headed for my car. I took one of my favorite drives up the canyon, found a place to park, rolled down my windows, cuddled up with a book, and just read. It was PERFECT. I loved being up there. It was just me and the mountains. I didn't have cell service and felt like I was separated from the world, even if it was just for a little bit. (I did have the brief fear of, what if something happens and I don't have service, that quickly went away as I realized I was close to a ranch and people.)

That was the break I needed to get me pumped for life again. That night Lauren and I went to a root beer float party that made me sicker than sick. But it was so great to see people from London and meet new people. Being the party hoppers we are we then went to an open mic night at the avocottage. How i love those! It was fun to see Kris (he dated my roommate last year who is now on a mission) and to just relax and listen to people play. It felt once again like I had left Provo.

the london crew. thanks amberly for throwing the party
my buddy for the night- whats going on with your smile there ellie.
The talent Kris Paries folks
Oh how break are needed from the bubble.

Random tidbits:

Today is Lorien's 10th birthday. She is SOOOO old.

Countdown to Chicago: 6 days.

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